Snapchat has introduced a cute little drone known as Pixy

Snap Inc. is the team that has developed Snapchat but it is also famous for making hardware. It released Spectacles lineup of smart glasses in 2016 and has also seen several iterations since then include an AR-based pair that is yet to be released. The newest product from Snapchat is Pixy which is a small yellow drone that is meant to be a flying camera. Pixy is not a big piece of plastic like other drones especially drones from DJI. It is a small device with four tiny propellers. It fits into your palm and weighs 101 grams. It has not got any controller or SD clot. It has got a camera dial which will allow you to set how the drone will fly, while the photos and recordings will be saved into your memories of Snapchat app.
It has got pre-configured flight paths which include a floating mode which is an option to orbit around you. It has also got an option to follow you as you walk or run. Whenever you want to stop the recording all you need to do is to place your hand beneath the drone and it will land in your palm. When it comes to battery, you can have five to eight flights before the battery is depleted. Pixy is not a replacement of a proper drone, but if you need to upload videos from different perspective to your social media account then it is a great alternative. It has also got a strap in order to take it around you wherever you go. It costs $230 and you can also add a portable battery charger for an extra $20.

WhatsApp will soon allow you create polls in group chats

There are loads of social networks as well as chat services in the market which support polls like Facebook, Twitter and Telegram. WhatsApp is a very notable exception and also quite a weird one if you think about it as it is termed as the standard messenger in many countries. Now it looks like WhatsApp is working on adding polls in the group chats.
A recent WhatsApp beta for Android version has added the underlying code that will enable the polls. According to WABetaInfo you will be able to create question with up to 12 possible answers in extra screen within the app. Earlier it was reported that only group members would be able to see as well as interact with the poll which makes sense. Meta has everything in place on Android , desktop and iOS version, it will likely not too long until polls launch.

Samsung has released a teaser with Google Assistant on the Galaxy Watch4 in its latest video

Samsung Galaxy Watch4 is considered as the best Android smartwatch and it is getting better day by day. Google Assistant support is confirmed to be arriving for Galaxy Watch4 very soon. Watch4 has got voice assistant support through Samsung’s Bixby and users have been vocal about their desire for Google’s alternative. Google Assistant is taking the center stage in new Galaxy Watch4 ad that was posted to Samsung’s Spanish YouTube channel.
Verizon also refreshed its Watch4 support pages by announcing new system update that delivers Google Assistant integration. The information has been removed from the page and Google has confirmed that Assistant support was in fact not rolling out. The new ad shows a man asking his Galaxy Watch4 to play YouTube Music by pulling up Assistant with ‘Hey Google’. While Assistant takes up three seconds of the 15-second ad. You can download the Samsung’s latest update on Watch4 or Watch4 Classic but Google Assistant app that is required to make it work is still not available.

YouTube has brought eye catchy animation to its ‘like’ button

For creating a respectful environment, Google hid the YouTube dislike counts for the viewers. It was a controversial move and Google is turning its attention to the ‘like’ button next. Now because you are neither losing the ability to provide the videos a like, nor see how many other viewers agree. Instead of tapping the ‘like’ button has now picked up a cheerful animation in order to make liking a video that is much more exciting.
The new animation is available on YouTube app for Android as well as on iOS and it was spotted a month ago. The button is a subject to many color changes while expelling loads of colorful streamers and confetti before moving back to static black. While the animation is not as disruptive as the removal of the dislike counts but it is certainly very eye catchy one. On the other hand the animation for tapping the ‘dislike’ button has not been changed.

Latest WhatsApp beta is offering more emoji reactions

WhatsApp has been working on message reactions for some time now. Some leaks have shown how the feature will look like on your phone as well as on web version. At the moment the number of reaction emoji is limited but that is going to change soon.
According to some reports, WhatsApp beta for Android provides us a glimpse at how you can add emoji reactions other then five standard ones. When you will tap a message to send a reaction you will see a plus symbol at the right of the reaction carousel. Upon tapping it you will be directed to familiar WhatsApp emoji picker where you can select any emoji of your choice. The new reaction picker is rolling out to the ones using the latest beta version but there is a server-side switch involved so it is not available for everybody at the moment. Earlier it was reported that message reactions went live for some people after updating the beta version but they disabled it soon after.
Emoji reactions seems to be very limited test that has reached to few users. If you are looking for trying your luck you can download the latest beta version of the app. If you can also try your luck by downloading the latest beta version of the app.

Google Photos chips for interacting with image text instantly is now appearing widely

Google Photos and Google Lens are the most powerful companies for the camera of your phone. The Photos app has offered integration with Lens in order to handle the text inside the images that you take and for the screenshots. It may not be completely accurate but it works fine.
We have seen that Google Photos demonstrate the capability to recognize the text present in the images and direct users towards interacting with in in Lens. If you have received the update you will find a chip with the option to search inside screenshot for captures with loads of text. However additional chips with Copy text, Crop, Listen and Markup options don’t seem to be available widely. These are the existing options within the app, the addition of these new shortcuts seems intended to make them more visible and easier to access. There is a shortcut to search by using Google Lens which is needless given you already have got a Lens button at the bottom bar. At the moment we have got the option to search within the screenshots but not others.

The upcoming edit feature of Twitter adds safety measures in order to ensure you’re only changing tweets out of necessity

Twitter users were shouting for an edit button for years and few weeks ago, the CEO of Twitter confirmed that an edit feature will arrive. People have already started seeing the teaser of edit feature which shows how the button will look like and how it will work on the web as well as mobile apps.
Twitter sleuth Alessandro Paluzzi has shared various screenshots of how the edited tweet will look like. From the images, a blue pen icon alongside the text “Edited” will appear on the right hand side of the tweet date whether it is at the bottom or at the top side. The color suggests that the button will be clickable which will make sense.
Paluzzi has hinted on another feature that will prevent the users from misusing the edit button. According to Plauzzi, tweets will only be modifiable 1 hour after they go live. This will give the users lots of time to fix typos and ensure that the essence of 5-year old tweet is not changed to something else. Aside from the proposed Twitter takeover bid by Elon Musk, the announcement edit button is one of the biggest Twitter news in years.

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