The upcoming edit feature of Twitter adds safety measures in order to ensure you’re only changing tweets out of necessity

Twitter users were shouting for an edit button for years and few weeks ago, the CEO of Twitter confirmed that an edit feature will arrive. People have already started seeing the teaser of edit feature which shows how the button will look like and how it will work on the web as well as mobile apps.
Twitter sleuth Alessandro Paluzzi has shared various screenshots of how the edited tweet will look like. From the images, a blue pen icon alongside the text “Edited” will appear on the right hand side of the tweet date whether it is at the bottom or at the top side. The color suggests that the button will be clickable which will make sense.
Paluzzi has hinted on another feature that will prevent the users from misusing the edit button. According to Plauzzi, tweets will only be modifiable 1 hour after they go live. This will give the users lots of time to fix typos and ensure that the essence of 5-year old tweet is not changed to something else. Aside from the proposed Twitter takeover bid by Elon Musk, the announcement edit button is one of the biggest Twitter news in years.

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