Snapchat has introduced a cute little drone known as Pixy

Snap Inc. is the team that has developed Snapchat but it is also famous for making hardware. It released Spectacles lineup of smart glasses in 2016 and has also seen several iterations since then include an AR-based pair that is yet to be released. The newest product from Snapchat is Pixy which is a small yellow drone that is meant to be a flying camera. Pixy is not a big piece of plastic like other drones especially drones from DJI. It is a small device with four tiny propellers. It fits into your palm and weighs 101 grams. It has not got any controller or SD clot. It has got a camera dial which will allow you to set how the drone will fly, while the photos and recordings will be saved into your memories of Snapchat app.
It has got pre-configured flight paths which include a floating mode which is an option to orbit around you. It has also got an option to follow you as you walk or run. Whenever you want to stop the recording all you need to do is to place your hand beneath the drone and it will land in your palm. When it comes to battery, you can have five to eight flights before the battery is depleted. Pixy is not a replacement of a proper drone, but if you need to upload videos from different perspective to your social media account then it is a great alternative. It has also got a strap in order to take it around you wherever you go. It costs $230 and you can also add a portable battery charger for an extra $20.

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