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How to ask Question on

You can ask any question related to Platform or about Terms of Services (TOS) at any Freelance marketplace’s community/forum.

First, we Ask question on

Step 1: Go to

Step 2: Sign in click on Profile picture then click on ‘’Get support”

Step 3: You will se get support page.

Type any question or related to Terms of service

I have Asked

“What is a Featured Contest?”

You can see other question and their answers for example payment question

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People per hour is one of popular freelance marketplace

In we can raise invoice for payment for your work as follow

Once you have completed the agreed work on the Job or Hourly to receive payment you just need to raise an invoice to ask the Buyer to release the deposit funds from Escrow and pay any remaining balance.

Step 1: Go to the Workstream with that Buyer.

Step 2: At the bottom, click Raise Invoice.

Key points to note:

Invoice will be raised where you have had a proposal accepted by a Buyer. You can Ask Your buyer to raise your proposal and accept it by you.

If you are raising an invoice for an Hourly service you have delivered please note that you can only raise your invoice for the price of the Hourly i.e. the agreed purchase price.

If you haven’t already, you will need to fill out your bank details and address under Settings > Payments

Step 3: Fill out the invoice form and click Send.

You will see successful massage of Raising invoice.

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Withdraw Money From

To Withdraw Money From

To withdraw funds from first we discuss is the largest Freelancing Marketplaces Which is an Australian website and it was found in 2009. Which allows buyers to post project and freelancer bid on those projects to complete.

Founder of and CEO is “Matt Barrie”

How to Withdraw money

To withdraw money, follow these instructions.

Step 1: Log in to your account.

step 2: Click on your profile photo thumbnail, and select “Withdraw Funds”.

Step 3: Select your preferred method to receive your earnings. The available payment           methods in your country. do not charge fees for withdrawing earned funds, except for wire Transfer which include a $25 processing fee. 

Step 4:  Click on “Express withdraw” select country and Amount you want to withdraw. In Pakistan Minimum withdraw amount is 3300 pkr and maximum is 10000000

Step 5: Provide bank details and Your personal Account details then click on withdraw funds.

Step 6: your phone verification is required.

You Received a code On mobile no that is added in your freelancer profile and verifies your phone for the withdrawal request.

Withdraw Money From In Skrill Withdraw method

Step 7: Click Withdraw Funds.

  • It will be verified by register mobile no. SMS/call
  • A notification Received on your register email for the withdrawal request.
  • Request sent to the Pending Withdrawals.
  • An invoice appears on the Workstream and your Buyer receive a notification by email.
  • Your Buyer has to pay your invoice in 7 days.

For any question related to freelancing feel free to contact Us.

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Communication Factor in Freelancing

Important factor of communication in freelancing

  • Selection of words.
  • Message
  • Stay connected.
  • Conciseness.

Impact of speed of Response (ASAP)

  • Respond as soon as getting a business lead.
  • Respond upon getting a message/ invitation.

“Thanks for your message I will revert back to you as soon as possible.”

Behavior Importance

  • be accountable.
  • Money.
  • be disciplined.
  • manage your time.
  • Know your worth.

Pricing yourself

  • Trust yourself.
  • know market place price roughly.
  • charge on the employer’s urgency and your efficiency.
  • Don’t sell yourself cheap.

Calculate hours

Project = 100$

Total time = 10 hours.

Hr/Price= 100/10=10$ hr.

Fixed price is good than per hours prices.

Time management

  • Time is money.
  • Complete project on time.
  • Time management is important.

Work Balance life

  • Stay Healthy.
  • Remain Social.
  • Do not over commit.

Calculate project time.

Determine Price.

Project deadline.

Fake and original projects

  • Verify customer Account.
  • Paid already on any project.
  • bidding on the right project.
  • payment method verified.

Asked Questions

        Ask some question/ not more.

        Ask question related to project.

Profession Response

  • Time management.
  • Ask a related question.
  • Delivers on-time project.
  • respectful.
  • Courteous.
  • stay to point.
  • professional experience.
  • about your work
  • start with good words and also end with it.

Response of PMB

  • Greeting (Thank you for your response)
  • Appreciate this gesture.
  • Response questions.

Contact info

Give information in bid but not n PMP for getting US member.

Premium Bids

  • It is good to Bid premium.
  • Premium Bid may charge you.
  • It takes 3 bids.

Low vs high price project

  • Bid on a high price project.
  • The high price is best.

Paid vs nonpaid

  • The paid profile is good.
  • In a paid profile, you have more bids and more profile option like adding skills etc

Communication in freelancing

Pross of freelancer.

  • Any location.
  • Optimism.
  • Recession-proof
  • Entrepreneurs.

Cons of freelancer.

  • Pessimism (balance in work)
  • Freelancing may not emphasis on metaphor.
  • Low productivity (Not good In skill)
  • Batter rewords.
  • Health security issuers.
  • Stability.
  • Economic ups and downs.

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Effective Bid factor

Effective Bid factor

  1. Response starts with a greeting.
  2. Summarize project description
  3. Skill introduced.
  4. Portfolio present
  5. Magic trick up your sleeves
  6. Video creation
  7. Closing of bid


  1. Greeting (hi, Hello)
  2. Project surmise

(Write Description of Project in your own words)

  • Skill introducing, yourself
  • skill
  • experience
  • industry.
  • Portfolio
  • Give link website portfolio.
  • Sometime give full/half portfolio.
  • Magic trick up your sleeves.
  • PMB (Private Massage Box)
  • Give free sample work. Free of cost sample work.
  • Ask question to client
  • Ask question to client that is about project in bids proposal/ description.
  • Video

Create 0: 40 to 1: 30-minute video related to project, Upload on YouTube channel as Private and Send / type link in biding.

  • Close project.
  • close project with regards.
  • Contact info
  • Greeting.

Time to bid

  • Bid before 15 mint of project post.
  • Bit on project which has 20
  • In Pakistan 8pm to 2am time bit is best.
  • 8am to 10am Pakistan Time or early morning time bit on project.
  • Almost response come with in 30 minutes of project.

Biding on project

  • Ask questioning.
  • Offer something.
  • Contact information.
  • Portfolio information.
  • 50% off offer on previous client.
  • Crate your excel sheet of your all client detail.
  • Bit time (day time of client/early project time)
  • Self-confidence.

Three necessary things

  • Strong profile.
  • Portfolio is good.
  • Project feedback.

Importance in profile

  • Skill test (paid)
  • Certification.

 Freelancer time tracking.

Due time tracker.

Top tracker.

Cloud software

Use Cloud Software for

      Data storage.

      Remote access.    

Gmail and drop box/one driver etc are cloud software.

Management software

     Use management software to manage team in project.

        Search on google to find management software.

              Bitrix 24 (best)


      When you have more project, work find nearest peoples of yours.

       Work with team that are belong to your city.

      In 5km radius to your office.

       Equal gender. 

       Check Skill set.

       Take Small test.

These Are all Important thing in Effective Bid factor

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Bid on

Freelancing Effective Profile 5 ingredients


Bid on

How to Bid on is Founded in 2009. Which is an Australian Freelancing marketplace? In which Buyers post jobs that freelancers can then bid to complete.

When a Freelancer create profile on freelancer there are different Membership plans which a freelancer can select on his Requirements. In Free Membership Plan a Freelancer ha 8 bids in a month.

How to Bid on

To Bid on login on your account and browse projects.

You will see different projects are shown related to your skills that you add in your freelancer profile.

Note: In too many projects are posted by buyers and some of them are fake projects that are posted by those buyers who make spam with freelancers. To identify real project, note some things of buyers who post project.

  1. Only bid on those projects that are posted by buyers who has already completed at least one project.
  2. See the buyer’s profile is verified. Are the buyers has verified payment method.
  3. If profile and Payment Method is not verified then don’t bid on those projects.
  4. You will see mostly profiles are created on same date on which date you are biding. So, don’t bid on those projects.

In I have Select a Data Entry Project related to my Skill set.

Writing Biding proposal on this Data entry Project Is:

Hello Greeting!

I have Read your Project description.

You are looking for a Data Entry operator who is efficient proficient in Excel data entry.  

I Have Excellent Command in Data Entry & Have 2 years of Experience in Excel Work

Like Data Entry, Data Filtration, PDF to Excel or Any Format to Excel Conversion

In Any Font Style.

you can see my portfolio work.

I Will Provide Free Sample. If you like We Work Further.

Looking Forward to hearing from you.

Do You Have Any preference?

                                                     Best OF Luck.

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Freelancing Effective Profile 5 ingredients

Freelancing Effective Profile 5 ingredients are

Freelancing Effective Profile important things are

  • Profile picture.
  • Title
  • Description.
  • Portfolio.
  • Video.


  • seed keyword must In the title of Gig.
  • Keep seed keyword In Gig description.
  • Use Tags.

For Example Seed key words for date entry jobs.

  • Data entry.
  • Data entry jobs.
  • Excel data entry.
  • Data entry typing work.
  • PDF to word.

Video in fiverr Gig.

  • Promote yourself in the video.
  • Describe service your offer in the video.
  • Choose the right selection of words related to your service.


  • Truth is important.
  • Meet deadline is imported.
  • Deliver the project on time.
  • Time is money.


  • Give feedback to the client
  • Ask the client to give you feedback.

Promote Fiverr Gig.

  • Facebook
  • Linked in.
  • Google +
  • YouTube.

Select effective project by seeing profile etc.

Policies of freelance marketplace.

    Not run 2 profile in on PC.

     See freelance market policies.


Freelancer account.

Escrow is first to push employ.


Parts of project Payment

Parts of project deliver and get payment by parts.

Reputation increase.


               “We write technology.” 

            Include tagline in your video.  


Become your reorganization. 

Logo is good/important.


Important for us.

Create website.

Develop portfolio website and send there link to client.

Free website development.


Business Card

(phone no, email, logo etc)

Create business for management.

Advertisement / distribute it.

PDF Profile

Write contact info in word.

Save it in PDF. Use to end it in Client.

Social media


       Facebook has 2.6 billion Monthly Active users.

       Use for all work (business creation of FB page)

Facebook Page

Create Facebook page for Advertisement, branding.

Promote page post.

  •         Click on create FB page.
  •         Share FB page post (on profile etc)
  •         Use the tag in the post.
  •        Not use a different color) 
  •        Use one template.
  •        Use the Paid method for promotion.   


      Facebook video gain more introduction.

       Tag use must.

        In short video is important for your branding / business etc.

         Live session.

           Live stream both are best.


      In page quotes is also important.  

       Post that quotes that related to your business / skill.


      Create connection with LinkedIn business.   

      Create professional profile in LinkedIn.

Traditional vs Non-Traditional market place.

  • In nontraditional Fiverr is a non-traditional market place.
  • Upwork, guru, freelancer, are a traditional marketplace.
  • In Fiverr Asian is more inflex.
  • Freelancer, guru, elance are an old marketplace.

Freelancing Effective Profile 5 ingredients are most important.

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Learn Freelancing Tutorial


Freelancing is selling your skills Online. Freelancing is a different way to work. Freelancers are self-employed. Clients hire a freelancer for tasks, projects, or services and Pay them.

Freelancing Statistic

  • Freelancing Pakistan is on the 4th number.
  • Pakistan has 47% in freelance Job Market.
  • Most freelancers in Pakistan are Under age 30.

Freelancer Work

  • Online Marketplaces 73%
  • Referral Work   33%
  • Social Media 15%
  • Networking Website 14%
  • Professional Fb Pages 9%
  • Recruitment Firm 7%
  • Other Medium 7%

List of freelancers market place

  • Upwork.
  • Freelancer.
  • Fiverr.
  • Guru.
  • Peopleperhour.
  • Wp hired. (For WordPress, Full/Part Time Job)
    SEO clerks. (For SEO)
  • Local

And more 101 freelancer market places

Top Freelancing Website Users

  • has More than 31 Million users
  • Upwork has more than 17 Million Users
  • Fiverr has more than 7 Million users

How to Start Freelancing

  • Make a Brand Your Self
  • Choose your Skills
  • Create a portfolio
  • Use Online Freelancing Websites

Successful Factors in life

  • You have a vision/aim in life.
  • Think Big.
  • Work hard.
  • Pay Back.

“Aim for the Mon if you miss, you may hit a Star.”

(W. Clement Stone)

Advantage of freelancing.

  • Be your own BOSS
  • Earn, as much as you want.
  • Casual Attire.
  • Self-Recognition

Disadvantage of Freelancing.

  • Health
  • In-Room
  • Almost 24-hour work.
  • Leave the Native.
  • Isolation to society.

“Time Is money.”

Key factor to success

  • Attitude.
  • Working Under Essay Environment.
  • Stay on the clock.
  • Avoid Distraction.
  • Communication.

Key factor of Self-Discipline.

  • Know your Strength.
  • Know your weakness.
  • Good setting and Roadmap.
  • Set the Execution Plan.

Goal setting

  • Measurable.
  • Trackable.
  • Relevancy.
  • Attainable.

“Little BY Little one travels far.”

Skill Learning

  • Setting a Goal.
  • breakdown our goal.
  • never give up.
  • Focus on 20%.
  • Practice your skill.

Focus thing to understand

  1. Create a fake profile as a customer, to learn how the freelancer bids.
  2. Look what another freelancer. Are doing (visit profiles.)
  3. Communication Better,
  4. Price.

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