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How to ask Question on

You can ask any question related to Platform or about Terms of Services (TOS) at any Freelance marketplace’s community/forum.

First, we Ask question on

Step 1: Go to

Step 2: Sign in click on Profile picture then click on ‘’Get support”

Step 3: You will se get support page.

Type any question or related to Terms of service

I have Asked

“What is a Featured Contest?”

You can see other question and their answers for example payment question

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People per hour is one of popular freelance marketplace

In we can raise invoice for payment for your work as follow

Once you have completed the agreed work on the Job or Hourly to receive payment you just need to raise an invoice to ask the Buyer to release the deposit funds from Escrow and pay any remaining balance.

Step 1: Go to the Workstream with that Buyer.

Step 2: At the bottom, click Raise Invoice.

Key points to note:

Invoice will be raised where you have had a proposal accepted by a Buyer. You can Ask Your buyer to raise your proposal and accept it by you.

If you are raising an invoice for an Hourly service you have delivered please note that you can only raise your invoice for the price of the Hourly i.e. the agreed purchase price.

If you haven’t already, you will need to fill out your bank details and address under Settings > Payments

Step 3: Fill out the invoice form and click Send.

You will see successful massage of Raising invoice.

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Withdraw Money From

To Withdraw Money From

To withdraw funds from first we discuss is the largest Freelancing Marketplaces Which is an Australian website and it was found in 2009. Which allows buyers to post project and freelancer bid on those projects to complete.

Founder of and CEO is “Matt Barrie”

How to Withdraw money

To withdraw money, follow these instructions.

Step 1: Log in to your account.

step 2: Click on your profile photo thumbnail, and select “Withdraw Funds”.

Step 3: Select your preferred method to receive your earnings. The available payment           methods in your country. do not charge fees for withdrawing earned funds, except for wire Transfer which include a $25 processing fee. 

Step 4:  Click on “Express withdraw” select country and Amount you want to withdraw. In Pakistan Minimum withdraw amount is 3300 pkr and maximum is 10000000

Step 5: Provide bank details and Your personal Account details then click on withdraw funds.

Step 6: your phone verification is required.

You Received a code On mobile no that is added in your freelancer profile and verifies your phone for the withdrawal request.

Withdraw Money From In Skrill Withdraw method

Step 7: Click Withdraw Funds.

  • It will be verified by register mobile no. SMS/call
  • A notification Received on your register email for the withdrawal request.
  • Request sent to the Pending Withdrawals.
  • An invoice appears on the Workstream and your Buyer receive a notification by email.
  • Your Buyer has to pay your invoice in 7 days.

For any question related to freelancing feel free to contact Us.

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