Astro C40 TR controller review

In the year 2015, Microsoft introduced Elite which was the upgradation of Xbox One controller that became a crowd puller instantly despite its steep price which was almost double then that of standard controller. On the other hand, Sony has not introduced anything similar to Elite for PlayStation 4 which allowed the 3rd parties to fill the gap.

Astro C40 TR controller_1

Here is Astro C40 TR which is the first PS4 controller that has surpassed DualShock 4 of Sony. However this new controller is quite expensive. With the price of one C40 TR you can get 4 DualShock 4 controllers. This controller is worth investment or not depends on several factors like what type of games you play, where you play and how much time you spend on gaming sessions. If you play the shooter games frequently on PC or PS4 then this controller is perfect for you.

Astro C40 TR controller_2

Astro C40 TR controller_3

C40 TR provides few back paddles compared to its counterparts with just two but that is sufficient for the hardcore gamers as well. The bac paddles on C40 integrates into controller’s design. They are not like detachable add-ons as in the case with Scuff Vantage or Xbox One Elite controller. They blend seamlessly with the overall design. The controller is looks like it can easily bear the wear as well as tear of countless Overwatch matches. It possesses an ideal weight without being on the heaviour side.

Astro C40 TR controller_4

This controller remains comfortable to carry throughout the extended sessions of gaming. This controller requires to endure for several years and it instills the confidence that it can easily withstand the test of time. It has got the capability to swap locations of analog sticks and d-pad. Depending on the size of your hand, you can prefer off-set analogs of Xbox One layout or symmetrical sticks of DualShock 4. All in all, C40 TR is an imposing controller which will give you an awesome gaming experience.

PowerA FUSION Pro 2 Review – Got Swappable Thumb Sticks

PowerA FUSION Pro 2 is an impressive wired controller that is very different from the other PowerA controller as it has got some premium features and imposing customization options. This controller comes in thick box and a carrying case. This controller provides four removable back paddles, two faceplates and a swappable thumb stick. The shape of this controller resembles official Microsoft pads but it has got a wider design which provides unbeatable grip with its rubberized texture finish on the handles.

PowerA FUSION Pro 2_2

This controller has been equipped with a standard assortment of Xbox buttons as well as triggers plus a traditional D-pad. It has also been equipped with four back paddles, three way-triggers locks and volume rocker. Compared to the elite ones which are more tilted towards heavier side, this controller has got an ideal weight each of its buttons have got a tactile feel plus there are micro switches that feel more solid that Microsoft’s especially left and right bumpers. The triggers have got less initial resistance which are ideal for various genres. The thumb stick resistance is impressive which ensures smooth rotation during the gameplay plus the backpaddles align smoothly with the natural grip of the controller which provides solid click when it is pressed.

PowerA FUSION Pro 2_3

PowerA FUSION Pro 2_1

It has got a 10-foot braided USB-C cable that fits snugly as well as securely into the controller. PowerA FUSION Pro 2 provides an exceptional gameplay experience on Xbox series and PC. The wired nature of this controller let you have instant in-game registration with lower latency. The bumpers are pretty impressive and the reduced resistance of triggers improves gaming experience specially in fighting and shooting games.

PowerA FUSION Pro 2_4

With the addition of traditional D-pad, this controller expands the versatility to include fighting as well as retro compilation titles provides good rollability as well as ease of use. The signature volume/mute rocker lets you have fine control over headset volume without navigating through menus. This controller provides customization options through swappable faceplates as well as removable Pro Pack which has got four remappable paddles. All in all, PowerA FUSION Pro 2 is an impressive wired controller with premium features and customization options.

20 Minutes Till Dawn Review

20 Minutes Till Dawn is an impressive game in which you need to face some very dangerous and nightmarish creatures and you task is to survive till dawn. Once the clock ticks down, you are required to use all the available weapons and your special abilities for constructing dynamic builds. There are only two outcomes, either you will see the first ray of dawn or the night creatures will consume you.

20 Minutes Till Dawn_4

In this thrilling game you have got the power to ignite the monsters by pumping your shotgun. You can also control the spears which will pierce your enemies. It solely on you that how you will tackle your enemies. As you will defeat each monster you will get experience points and you will also unlock various upgrades as well as special abilities. You need to craft the perfect build that suits your strategy. This game has got active progression system which carries over across all the runs. You will embrace every death as a chance you learn as well adapt.

20 Minutes Till Dawn_1

20 Minutes Till Dawn_2

It has got an innovative Rune System which will let you enhance your strength and carry your progression across all runs. You can collect awesome Tomes by defeating tough bosses. It provides accurate control along with the directional aim as well as active firing thus creating a methodical battle system that rewards precision and skill. You can have the diverse cast of the unlockable characters as well as weapons which are upgradable which allow you to experiment with various different strategies and builds.

20 Minutes Till Dawn_3

This game provides approachable 10-20 minutes runs with quick play sessions in mind thus making it very simple to jump in and enjoy the action whenever you have got any spare moment. All in all, 20 Minutes Till Dawn is an impressive adventure game that will let you face some very scary creatures of the night. The question is can you defeat the darkness and emerge as champion.

Smushi Come Home Review – An impressive adventure game

Smushi Come Home is an impressive adventure game that will take you to a very breathtaking journey as there is a tiny mushroom who is putting best effort to find its way back to home. In this game you will be playing as Smushi who is a little mushroom who has lost its way and now find itself in the middle of nowhere. It has been very far away from its home. Now Smushi needs to navigate through different areas of the forest by using some handy tools and by making friends in the forest.

Smushi Comes Home_1

As Smushi, you will be able to run, climb, glide as well as swim thus letting you to explore each part of the forest. On your way back you will face many endearing forest creatures and all of them possess unique personalities. Some of these creatures will help you while some of them will need your help. You are required to build relationships in order to progress in this game. Your journey will be full of adventures and you will face various challenges. Some of these adventures will test your skills and you will have to navigate through complex terrains and there will also be some light puzzle-solving elements.

Smushi Comes Home_2

Smushi Comes Home_4

One of the striking features of this game is that you have the freedom to explore the forest at your pace. It has got no time limit or game overs thus letting you to immerse yourself into a mesmerizing environment. As you go deep into the forest, you will get the opportunity to learn about real life mushrooms. As the game progresses you will unlock different mushroom cap skins, letting you to customize the appearance of Smushi.

Smushi Comes Home_3

This video game can run on PC and you need to have Windows 7 or later operating system. You need a 3,5GHz processor, 4GB RAM and a GeoForce GTX 460. All in all, Smushi Come Home is a very impressive adventure game which will let you embark on a very unreal journey where you will make new friends and will overcome many obstacles.

Razer Hammerhead HyperSpeed Review – Play everywhere and hear everything

Razer Hammerhead HyperSpeed wireless earbuds will enhance your gaming experience and it will raise the bar extremely high. These earbuds delivers staggering sound and it has got a very comfortable fit. After the popularity of AirPods, it was just a matter of time before the gaming headphones take the same path. Razer has come up with a very imposing gaming earbuds pair which are easily portable. These earbuds are licensed by the PlayStation and it has been compatible with PC, Mac as well as PS5 like smartphones as well as tablets.

Razer Hammerhead HyperSpeed_4

When it comes to design, these earbuds as well as the case is same as that of AirPods. It has got a simple appearance that has got a small PlayStation logo located in the center and at the top end it ahs got a Razer logo. It has got a compact design plus it is very lightweight as it only weighs 56g as a whole or 44g without earbuds. It has also been equipped with an indicator light that when opened illuminates thus gives a very magical feeling.

Razer Hammerhead HyperSpeed_3

Razer Hammerhead HyperSpeed_1

Razer Hammerhead HyperSpeed has also got 10mm audio drivers and it delivers a very wide range of audio. These buds also provide an optional active noise cancellation as well as ambient sound modes. Every earbud has been equipped with a microphone for in-game chat as well as phone calls through Bluetooth. There are no physical buttons on these earbuds but these buds have got haptic sensor behind the illuminated logo of Razer. By combining the haptic taps as well as holds you can easily control volume, enable active noise cancellation and switch the audio modes.

Razer Hammerhead HyperSpeed_2

When you will charge the earbuds it will last for 4-6 hours but it depends on the usage of Chroma RGB lighting and active noise cancellation. Razer Hammerhead HyperSpeed has very good but it has some setbacks like the music won’t pause automatically when one ir both earbuds are removed. In order to stop the audio you are required to place both earbuds back in the case and close the lid. Other method is to pause the music manually. At the higher volume you may experience audio leakage. But overall, these buds are awesome and provides a very good audio experience.

DROP Paragon Series Cyboard tactile keyboard – Got hot-swappable switch sockets

Drop Paragon Series Cyboard tactile keyboard is an impressive keyboard that will let you unravel all your typing potential. This hand crafted as well as hand lubricated keyboard requires no assembly and it ensures that you have got the best performance right from the word go. This keyboard provides top-notch tactile typing and you can experience satisfying tactile feedback of Holy Panda X Clear switches which are hand lubricated along with Phantom Stabilizers. Thre is a dampening material that has been placed very professionally and it improves each stroke and it also reduces the noise plus the impact of every press is optimized.

DROP Paragon Series Cyboard tactile keyboard__2

DROP Paragon Series Cyboard tactile keyboard_3

With the Drop + MiTo DCX Cyber Keycap Set the visual perfection of Drop Paragon Series Cyboard tactile is achieved. It has a very advanced and futuristic design that has been accompanied by soft carry case for a very convenient transportation. This keyboard takes the central stage either it is one of the vital part of your work or it is just a showpiece on your desktop. This keyboard is made in such a way that it provides a very enthusiast experience. This keyboard has been equipped with some of the most finest components and it has got all the extras that you wish.

DROP Paragon Series Cyboard tactile keyboard_4

DROP Paragon Series Cyboard tactile keyboard_1

In order to enhance the sound as well as impact of every keystroke, the dampening material has been added. Apart from the keys, the electric DCX Cyber keycaps has got retro-futurism that has taken its inspiration from the famous video games. This keyboard has been equipped with RGB lighting, QMK programmability as well as a soft carry case and it has become a must have thing for any desktop setup. You can raise the bar of the digital existence with the keyboard  that has jelled in the form and function in a very perfect way.

Fnatic BOLT wireless gaming mouse Review – 80-hour battery life and fast charging support.

Because of its uncommon presentation, unmistakable plan, and easy to use includes, the Fnatic BOLT wireless gaming mouse has drawn in a ton of consideration in the gaming business. This inside and out investigation investigates the Fnatic BOLT’s specs, benefits, and impediments so you can settle on an educated decision. The Fnatic BOLT features an ambidextrous shape in terms of design, making it suitable for both left- and right-handed gamers. It looks polished and professional thanks to its slick, matte black finish. However, some users might feel that it doesn’t have enough grip, especially when playing games for long periods of time. Better traction and security might have been offered by a textured or rubberized finish.

fnatic bolt wireless gaming mouse_4

The Fnatic BOLT is distinguished by its lightweight design, which weighs only 67 grams. It is one of the lightest wireless gaming mice on the market thanks to this, allowing for quick and accurate movements. This lightweight design is essential in settings for competitive gaming where every millisecond counts. The Fnatic BOLT meets demands in terms of performance. It ensures accurate tracking and provides a customizable DPI range to suit individual sensitivity preferences because it is equipped with the high-performance Pixart PMW3370 sensor. As a result, you can be sure that your actions are accurately reflected on the screen, giving you the advantage you need to outperform rivals. The Fnatic BOLT is proof that wireless technology has advanced significantly. With a 1ms report rate and Fnatic Speed technology, it offers virtually lag-free gaming. As a result, you can benefit from wireless connectivity’s freedom without sacrificing performance, which is important because it takes care of any potential latency problems related to wireless devices.

With as long as 80 hours of nonstop use on a solitary charge, the Fnatic BOLT likewise succeeds concerning battery duration. Besides, it has fast charging capacities, guaranteeing that your mouse is continually ready for use at whatever point you want it. Indeed, even the most insightful gamers ought to track down this battery execution sufficiently amazing to address their issues.

Because of its ambidextrous design, the Fnatic BOLT is accessible to a wide range of hand sizes and grip preferences. Even after a long session of play, the ergonomic comfort guarantees enjoyable gaming sessions. There are a few issues with the Fnatic BOLT, though. The few possibilities for customizing RGB lighting is one obvious drawback. The only RGB lighting available is on the scroll wheel, which may displease gamers who prefer more extensive lighting options on their peripherals. Buttons’ durability is a different problem. The side buttons feel a little mushy, while the main buttons show some pre-travel and wobble. Users who prefer buttons that feel more substantial and responsive might not find these factors to be ideal.

The Fnatic BOLT wireless gaming mouse is a strong competitor in the market for gaming peripherals despite these minor flaws. For gamers who value performance, weight, and versatility above all else, its lightweight design, high-performance sensor, and impressive wireless capabilities make it a great option. While the mouse’s many advantages likely outweigh its flaws, the button quality and limited RGB lighting options are worth taking into account. The Fnatic BOLT deserves your attention if you’re looking for a durable and effective wireless gaming mouse. The Fnatic BOLT has unquestionably established a new standard in the gaming industry with its innovative design, state-of-the-art technology, and exceptional performance. The Fnatic BOLT wireless gaming mouse deserves careful consideration regardless of whether you play video games competitively or just want to improve your experience.

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