YouTube has brought eye catchy animation to its ‘like’ button

For creating a respectful environment, Google hid the YouTube dislike counts for the viewers. It was a controversial move and Google is turning its attention to the ‘like’ button next. Now because you are neither losing the ability to provide the videos a like, nor see how many other viewers agree. Instead of tapping the ‘like’ button has now picked up a cheerful animation in order to make liking a video that is much more exciting.
The new animation is available on YouTube app for Android as well as on iOS and it was spotted a month ago. The button is a subject to many color changes while expelling loads of colorful streamers and confetti before moving back to static black. While the animation is not as disruptive as the removal of the dislike counts but it is certainly very eye catchy one. On the other hand the animation for tapping the ‘dislike’ button has not been changed.

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