Google Photos chips for interacting with image text instantly is now appearing widely

Google Photos and Google Lens are the most powerful companies for the camera of your phone. The Photos app has offered integration with Lens in order to handle the text inside the images that you take and for the screenshots. It may not be completely accurate but it works fine.
We have seen that Google Photos demonstrate the capability to recognize the text present in the images and direct users towards interacting with in in Lens. If you have received the update you will find a chip with the option to search inside screenshot for captures with loads of text. However additional chips with Copy text, Crop, Listen and Markup options don’t seem to be available widely. These are the existing options within the app, the addition of these new shortcuts seems intended to make them more visible and easier to access. There is a shortcut to search by using Google Lens which is needless given you already have got a Lens button at the bottom bar. At the moment we have got the option to search within the screenshots but not others.

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