Computer Important Short Keys

Computer Important Short Keys use to make it easier to use the system. With the help of using short keys, we work faster. These Short Keys are:

Keyboard shortcut

  • Ctrl+Enter to Break page in word
  • Win+arrow for Side by side windows
  • Win+I to Open setting
  • Win+D to Minimize All Windows
  • win+Tab to add virtual Desktop
  • Ctrl+shoft+esc to open the Task Bar
  • Win+A for Notification Bar
  • Win+S to open Search bar
  • Win+Q to open Cortina
  • Win+Tab for All Tab open/View
  • Alt+Tab to Open Tab
  • Win +X to Task Bar menu
  • Win+B to Hide icon on the task bar
  • Ctrl+Win+M to Open Magnifier (Zoom)
  • Win+Shift+S to Open snaping tool (Scr. Shoot)
  • Ctrl+Win+N to open Narter
  • Win+P to Open Projector

Some Other Short keys are

  • CTRL+A to Select All the files or text on the screen
  • CTRL+C to copy the files or text
  • CTRL+X to Cut the files or text
  • CTRL+V to paste the files or text
  • CTRL+Z to Undo the Action
  • CTRL+Y to Redo the Action
  • CTRL+B to Bold the text
  • CTRL+U to Underline the text
  • CTRL+I for Italic the text
  • F1 for Help
  • F2 for Rename selected object
  • F3 to Find all files
  • F4 to Opens file list drop-down in dialogs
  • F5 to Refresh current window
  • F6 to Shifts focus in Windows Explorer
  • F10 to Activates menu bar options
  • ALT+TAB to Cycles between open applications
  • ALT+F4 to Quit program, close current window
  • ALT+F6 to Switch between current program windows
  • ALT+ENTER to Opens properties dialog
  • ALT+SPACE to System menu for the current window
  • ALT+ยข to opens drop-down lists in dialog boxes
  • BACKSPACE to Switch to the parent folder
  • CTRL+ESC to Opens the Start menu
  • CTRL+ALT+DEL to Opens task manager reboots the computer
  • CTRL+TAB to Move through property tabs
  • CTRL+SHIFT+DRAG to Create shortcut (also right-click, drag)
  • CTRL+DRAG to Copy File
  • ESC to Cancel last function

Create Short Key

We can create Shortcut for Desired application. To Create Short Key for Desired App follow the following process:

  • Right click on app
  • Go to property
  • Click on Shortcut
  • Define key
  • Done / Ok

These are Important Short Keys used in computer.