Korea country Cell Phones

Korea country Cell Phones

In Korea Country cell phones are the most expensive cell phone. Korea is the country with the highest mobile phone handset prices in the world. This is because expensive smartphones are too generalized compared to other countries.

 US market research firm ‘Strategic Analytics’ (SA) released a report titled ‘Korea and Japan’s smartphone market is dominated by premium price classes’ on the 25th. He pointed out that the selling price was the highest in the world at $415 (KRW 460,000). This is a figure that surpasses the double of the world’s average selling price of $166 (180,000 won). Japan was the second with $390 (430,000 won), Canada ($350, 390,000 won). The United States ($323, 36,000 won), Norway ($281,300,000 won), Denmark and Germany ($278,300,000 won), etc. This was followed.

The report also contains forecasts by 2017, with South Korea peaking at $452 in 2013. It is expected to remain at $410 between 2014 and 2017. The average sales price quoted in the report is based on wholesale shipping prices, excluding marketing expenses. Therefore, it is analyzed that the price of a mobile phone experienced by a real user is higher than this.

The reason why Korea Cell Phones high prices

The reason why Korea’s average selling price is high. As the report title shows, the proportion of high-end smartphone sales is so high. The report pointed out that the share of premium products over $300 in the Korean market reached 72.3%, while that of mid-low-priced products under $190 was only 1%.

This seems to be the result of a combination of environmental factors such as consumer preferences for high-end products, over-marketing by carriers using subsidies. New services that start sooner than other countries such as LTE.

The report also pointed out that there are many “early adopters” (people who buy and use new products earlier than anyone else). Who are sensitive to fashion and try to collect and evaluate information on their own first. “Smartphone manufacturers are encouraged to consider introducing new technologies or strategic products to Korea first. “We will be able to see how early adopters respond to these products.”

In April, SAE said, “Koreans are the most frequent people who change mobile phones in the world.” The company also released a report stating that the annual product replacement rate will reach 67.8% and will remain at 60% by 2017. All in all, Korea is the market with the smoothest preference and consumption for ‘good and new’. This is the foundation of the information technology (IT) powerhouse, but it also has the side effect of promoting over-consumption and false consciousness.

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