Short Question about Basic Computer Knowledge

Short Question about Basic Computer Knowledge that is helpful to enhance you learning. Which are

  • Copying software without purchasing it is called Software Piracy.
  • Ctrl+F2: Open the Print window, where you can preview and print your document
  • For security, we use a Firewall in a computer
  • The full form of ISO is the International Standard Organization.
  • A network that covers large area, city, country, and World is called WAN
  • The transfer of data from one place to another is called Data Communication
  • Green wavy lines under text indicate that Grammatical Mistake
  • SQL is a Structured Language.
  • Windows 8 was released in which the year 2011
  • Windows Vista is an Operating System
  • A Terabyte represents about 1 trillion bytes
  • The file extension PNG stands for Portable Network Graphic File
  • The card which is used for internet is Modem Card
  • In Windows 10, what is the shortcut key to Open programs that are pinned to the taskbar is  Windows + [1][2][3][…]
  • The meaning of .mng Multiple Network Graphic
  • Windows 7 is preceded by the Windows Vista version of the windows.
  • Internet Explorer Pro new built-in browser includes in Windows 10
  • Analog signal is measured in Volts.
  • In Windows 7 Ctrl + Shift + N shortcut key for creating a New Folder.
  • Full form of TCP Transmission Control Protocol
  • Arithmetic Logic Unit (ALU) can Logical Operation, Mathematical Operation
  • The total number of function keys in a computer keyboard is 12.
  • A bit can be 1 or 0

Some other Short Question about Basic Computer Knowledge

The HTTP protocol is used to access Webpages on the World Wide Web.

A network that covers a small geographic area or single or group of buildings is called LAN

TCP/IP is Internet Protocol.

The uppermost bar showing the name of the application is called Title Bar.

Mark Zuckerberg is the founder of Facebook.

Shortcut for Save as the command is F12

By default, the bar located at the bottom of the desktop is Taskbar

Wireless Fidelity is the full form of Wi-Fi.

The output of the printer is known as Hard Copy

Yahoo is an email client.

Laser beam technology is used in Optical Disks.

All the files deleted from the computer are stored in Recycle Bin

Portable Document Format is the full form of PDF.

The Google IPO was done in 2004

Shortcut Key to center a Paragraph in Word is Ctrl + E

Windows 10 was launched in 2015

The printer is an example of Hardcopy

To Open Secure Window in Google Chrome Press CTRL+SHIFT+N

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Basic preparation of Computer Knowledge

Basic preparation of Computer Knowledge that Enhance your Learning and help You to Prepare Computer Test.

  • The length of IP address is 32 bits
  • Facebook was launched in 2004
  • The docx file contains MS Office Word
  • The file extension DLL stands for Dynamic Link Library
  • The extension of a MS Access Database is .mdb
  • The key combination used to permanently delete a file from Windows computer Shift + delete
  • Shortcut Key to open a new document is Ctrl + N
  • Data is permanently stored in Hard Disk
  • We cannot upgrade a 32-bit version to a 64-bit version of Windows
  • To change a lowercase letter to uppercase and uppercase letter to lowercase select We use Sentence Case
  • CSS stands for in Computer Cascading Style Sheets
  • The general format of the URL is as following type: // Address /path /
  • The computer abbreviation “OS” stands for Operating System
  • The shortcut key to delete a file without sending to recycle Bin is Shift + Del
  • 15.Windows 8 has 3 versions for PC have been released
  • A group of 8 bits is called Byte
  • To subscript a text, shortcut key used in Microsoft Word is Ctrl + <
  • The file extension .jsp stands for Java Server Page
  • What is the full form of WWW World Wide Web
  • The microphone converts the sound into Electrical Signals
  • A device which connects multiple nodes to the network is known as Hub
  • Windows 7 was released in 22 July 2009.
  • Windows XP and Windows 7 is an Operating System
  • ATM stands Automated Teller Machine
  • Search Engine is used to find information on World Wide Web.
  • “.gif” is an extension of Image file.
  • Thomas J. Watson is the founder of IBM Company
  • RAM is Computer Volatile Memory.
  • When you delete an object, Windows Send it to Recycle Bin
  • Christopher Latham Sho invented the Qwerty Keyboard.