Top Worlds Famous Waterfalls

Top Worlds Famous Waterfalls are following

  • Almere Falls located in California, USA Country.
  • Blue Nile Falls is located in Ethiopia.
  • Gocta Cataracts Falls located in Amazonas, Peru.
  • Gullfoss Falls is located in Gullfossi, Iceland.
  • Avalanche Basin Falls located in Montana, United States.
  • In Hordaland, Norway Brufossen Falls is located.
  • Balaifossen waterfall located in which Country? – Hordaland, Norway
  • In Hawaii, United States Haloku Falls is located.
  • Barron falls located in Queensland, Australia
  • Feather Falls is located in California, USA
  • Harrison Basin Falls located in Montana, United States
  • Stupendousness Falls located in Norway
  • Huangguoshu Waterfall located in Guizhou, China
  • Where is Colonial Creek Falls located in Washington, United States
  • Iguazu Falls located in Argentina
  • Dettifoss Falls located in Iceland
  • James Bruce Falls located in British Columbia, Canada
  • In Adelboden, Switzerland Engstligen Falls is located.
  • Johannesburg Falls located in Washington, United States
  • In Gavarnie, France Gavarnie Falls is located.
  • Angel Falls located in Venezuela
  • Kaieteur Falls located in Guyana
  • Kalambo Falls located in Zambia Tanzania Border
  • Kjelfossen Falls located in Gudvangen, Norway
  • Baatara gorge waterfalls located in Tannourine, Lebanon.
  • Dontefossen Falls located in Norway

Some Other international Waterfalls

Kjeragfossen Falls located in Rogaland, Norway

Comet Falls located in Washington, USA

Augrabies Falls located in which Country Orange River, South Africa

Chamberlain Falls located in New Zealand        

Ban Goic-Detian falls located in Country in Guangxi, China

Browne Falls located in South Island, New Zealand

Alfred Creek Falls located in Country Columbia, Canada

Where is Ouzoud Waterfalls located in Morocco

Mongefossen Falls located in Norway Country

Pu’uka’oku F’alls located in Hawaii, United States

 Mutarazi Falls located in Zimbabwe

Ramnefjellsfossen Falls located in Norway

Nachi Falls located in Nachikatsuura, Japan

Helmcken Falls located in Columbia, Canada

Lake Unknown Falls located in New Zealand

Sulphide Creek Falls located in California, USA

Olmaafossen Falls located in Norway

Sutherland Falls located in New Zealand

Olo’upena Falls located in Molokai, United States

In Norway Spirefossen Falls located.

Mana’wai’nui Falls located in Hawaii, United States

Tres Hermanas Falls located in Peru

Kukenaam, Salto Falls located in Venezuela

Seven Sisters Waterfalls located in Norway


Korea country Cell Phones

Korea country Cell Phones

In Korea Country cell phones are the most expensive cell phone. Korea is the country with the highest mobile phone handset prices in the world. This is because expensive smartphones are too generalized compared to other countries.

 US market research firm ‘Strategic Analytics’ (SA) released a report titled ‘Korea and Japan’s smartphone market is dominated by premium price classes’ on the 25th. He pointed out that the selling price was the highest in the world at $415 (KRW 460,000). This is a figure that surpasses the double of the world’s average selling price of $166 (180,000 won). Japan was the second with $390 (430,000 won), Canada ($350, 390,000 won). The United States ($323, 36,000 won), Norway ($281,300,000 won), Denmark and Germany ($278,300,000 won), etc. This was followed.

The report also contains forecasts by 2017, with South Korea peaking at $452 in 2013. It is expected to remain at $410 between 2014 and 2017. The average sales price quoted in the report is based on wholesale shipping prices, excluding marketing expenses. Therefore, it is analyzed that the price of a mobile phone experienced by a real user is higher than this.

The reason why Korea Cell Phones high prices

The reason why Korea’s average selling price is high. As the report title shows, the proportion of high-end smartphone sales is so high. The report pointed out that the share of premium products over $300 in the Korean market reached 72.3%, while that of mid-low-priced products under $190 was only 1%.

This seems to be the result of a combination of environmental factors such as consumer preferences for high-end products, over-marketing by carriers using subsidies. New services that start sooner than other countries such as LTE.

The report also pointed out that there are many “early adopters” (people who buy and use new products earlier than anyone else). Who are sensitive to fashion and try to collect and evaluate information on their own first. “Smartphone manufacturers are encouraged to consider introducing new technologies or strategic products to Korea first. “We will be able to see how early adopters respond to these products.”

In April, SAE said, “Koreans are the most frequent people who change mobile phones in the world.” The company also released a report stating that the annual product replacement rate will reach 67.8% and will remain at 60% by 2017. All in all, Korea is the market with the smoothest preference and consumption for ‘good and new’. This is the foundation of the information technology (IT) powerhouse, but it also has the side effect of promoting over-consumption and false consciousness.

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World First Game

First World Game history

Apple unveils Apple Arcade, the world’s first game subscription service for mobile, desktop. Apple Arcade will feature new original games from renowned indie developers, large studios, and legendary creators such as Heroku Sekiguchi, Ken Wong, and Will Wright.

Cupertino, California-Apple today enjoys over 100 new exclusive games, including original games from Heroku Sekiguchi, Ken Wong, Will Wright, and dozens of other renowned creators. Apple Arcade, a subscription service for games, has been released. The games featured at Apple Arcade will be games that change the rules of the game and will be selected based on originality, completeness, creativity, fun, and attractiveness for all age users.

Apple Arcade will allow customers to enjoy any game they want from a carefully selected collection, tracking ads or activity for advertisements, no additional purchases, and thorough protection of user privacy.

World First Game
World First Game

App Store World Gaming Platform

The App Store is the world’s most successful and active gaming platform, offering approximately 300,000 free and paid games. Free games supported by advertising or in-app purchases are enjoyed by hundreds of millions of users worldwide. In Paid games, there are many works that are praised by critics and loved by users, but they have smaller users even if they are very good games because they are not easy to compete with free games.

Apple Arcade will offer these games to more than 1 billion App Store game customers in a simple way with a single subscription. Apple Arcade will be the perfect complement to the free game catalog in the already popular App Store. It maks iOS the best gaming platform for users of all ages. A scene from the Apple Arcade game Hot Lava.

Keli Entertainment’s “Hot Lava” scheduled to be released at Apple Arcade later this year.

Artwork from Apple’s arcade game Where Cards Fall on iPhone.

Snowman’s “Where Cards Fall” scheduled for release at Apple Arcade later this year.

A scene from the Apple arcade game The Pathless.

Annapurna Interactive’s “The Pathless” scheduled to launch at Apple Arcade later this year.

Apple isn’t just about selecting games for Apple Arcade, it’s investing in development costs and working closely with creators to complete the game.

world’s most critically acclaimed game developers, Apple Arcade’s games will delight customers with incredibly fun ways of play and immersive stories and will capture their imagination with original graphics and music.

Dozens of developers including Annapurna Interactive, Bossa Studios, Cartoon Network, Fiji, Giant Squid, Keli Entertainment, Konami, LEGO, Mist walker Corporation, SEGA, Snowman, and us. Two games will showcase their games on Apple Arcade.

App Store

“App Store is the world’s largest and most successful gaming platform,” said Phil Schiller, Apple’s senior vice president of worldwide marketing. Now Apple is about to take the game a step further through Apple Arcade. The first game subscription service for mobile, desktop, and home. Working with the world’s most innovative game developers, iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple. We are producing over 100 new exclusive games for you to enjoy on TV. The Apple Arcade game is suitable for families, protects user privacy, and will not display ads or require additional purchases.

World First Game

A scene from SEGA’s Sonic Racing, an Apple arcade game.

SEGA’s “Sonic Racing” scheduled to launch at Apple Arcade later this year.

A scene from the Apple arcade game Beyond a Steel Sky.

LEGO’s “LEGO Brawls” scheduled to launch at Apple Arcade later this year.

A scene from the Apple arcade game Ocean horn 2: Knights of the Lost Realm. Scene from the Apple arcade game Projection: First Light. A scene from the Apple arcade game Enter the Construct.

Directive Games Limited to be available at Apple Arcade later this year

This is the history of the World First Game


World First Computer

First Computer is world was developed before world war II.

The birth of an electronic computer

Computers in the modern sense have developed rapidly just before and during World War II. In the process, electronic circuits replaced mechanical computing devices, and digital circuits replaced analog circuits. It’s not easy to determine what the “first computer” is because these changes have been made little by little over the years.

World First Computer

The development of early computers during World War II and before and after World War II can be roughly divided into three streams.

The first trend is the study of German engineer Konrad Chusze, whose research has long been forgotten in the United States. The second stream is the British Colossus computer but has been kept secret for decades for military reasons. Thus, the previous two trends did not affect US research. George Steitz of Bell Labs, who introduced the binary system to electronic calculators. Which is also known as one of the fathers of modern electronic computers.

Conrad Chute

In 1936, an independent researcher from Germany, Konrad Chusze, began developing the Z series of calculators with limited programming capabilities and memory. The first work of the Z series is the Z1, which was completed in 1938, and it worked in binary. But it was mechanical, and it didn’t work exactly because of the precision of the parts.

World First Computer

The successor, the Z3, was completed in 1941 using telephone exchanger parts. The Z3 became the first programmable digital computer. The Z3 is similar in many ways to modern computers and has made great progress in floating-point arithmetic. It is designed to be simpler and more reliable by discarding the decimal operation (decimal method was used in the design of the garbage), which is difficult to implement.

The Z3 was presumed not to be a Turing machine at first because of no conditional branching, but in the 1990s it was proved that the Z3 was a Turing machine. The Plancalquill was implemented by a research team at the Free University of Berlin in 2000, five years after the exile.

World First Computer In the study of the repatriation retreated briefly as part of the machine was lost in the Allied bombing during World War II. It was known about his work in the United Kingdom and the United States.

IBM is believed to have known about his research and sponsored a company founded by Chu Chu on the condition of obtaining some of his patents in 1946, shortly after the war.


During World War II, Blechili Park (nickname of the British Government Cryptographic Research Institute) succeeded in deciphering the German military cryptosystem. Enigma, a German cryptographic typewriter, was decrypted with the help of an electromechanical calculator “bombe”. The bombe, designed by Polish mathematician Marian Reuzsky and electronically improved by Alan Turing and Gordon Welchman. It has been used in cryptocurrency since 1941.

Another German typewriter series, the Lorenz SZ 40/42 series, differed from Enigma in many ways. To decipher this cryptosystem, Professor Max Newman and colleagues designed the Colossus computer. Tommy Flowers produced Colossus No. 1 from March to December 1943 and installed it in Blechili Park in January 1944.

With a huge number of tube components, the Colossus was the world’s first programmable fully electronic computer. It was able to perform various kinds of logical operations by receiving input from paper tape, but it was not a Turing machine. One Colossus No. 1 and nine Colossus No. 2 were produced, but all remained classified as military until the 1970s. British Prime Minister Winston Churchill also ordered the complete destruction of the end-of-life,

Colossus computer in order not to disclose to the public that it could decrypt Lorentz during the Cold War. Therefore, the existence of the Colossus computer has not been included in the history of the computer for a while.

A Colossus that has now been restored is on display at Blechili Park.

Research in the United States for World First Computer

In 1944, IBM and Harvard University’s Howard E.Kin created a digital-electronic computer mark-I that can perform addition three times in one second using a relay.

Mark-One embodies Babbage’s analysis engine design concept with relays, switches, and motors, and features. An automatic sequential control method that is controlled by punched paper tape made of 3,000 relays and gears. However, due to mechanical constraints, the processing speed was slow.

World First Computer


Top 10 Expansive Mobile

Top 10 Expansive Mobile are following

1.Black Diamond iPhone 5-$15.3 Million

Stuart Hughes’ masterpiece made the iPhone 5 in gold and black diamonds, making it the most expensive smartphone in the world. It is said that it took a total of 9 weeks to build and complete the device. Crafted in 24-carat gold, the Apple logo and edge are embroidered with a total of 600 white diamonds. The home button consists of 26-carat black diamonds, and the owner of the phone is said to be a billionaire in China. The cell phone made in 2011 is about 17.8 billion.

Top 10 Expansive Mobile
Black Diamond iPhone

2.Diamond Rose iPhone 4 GB/32 GB $8 Million

The iPhone, the second most expensive phone in the world at a price of $8 million, is the iPhone. Made of 500 diamonds. The back is rose gold and the Apple logo is adorned with 53 additional diamonds. The front navigation button is platinum with a replaceable 7.4ct pink diamond in the center.

Top 10 Expansive Mobile
Diamond Rose iPhone

3.Supreme Gold striker iPhone 3 GB/32 GB $3.2 Million

Supreme iPhone, Apple’s older version of the iPhone, has been named the world’s third most expensive mobile phone. The Supreme features a 271g solid 22k gold case and a screen decorated with 53 1-carat diamonds. In addition, the home button is covered with a rare 7.1-carat diamond. That is not all. The iPhone Supreme provides stability with granite and gold pieces with a leather lining.

Supreme Gold striker iPhone

4. iPhone 3 GB King Button $2.4 Million

The world’s fourth most expensive cell phone is still an iPhone called Kings Button. The 138 diamonds were installed in the previous period, which is worth $2.4 million. The beautiful 6.6 carat white diamond enhances the beauty of this phone at the home button. The price is about 2.8 billion.

Top 10 Expansive Mobile
iPhone 3 GB King Button

5. Goldfish Le Million $1.3 Million

Gold Vichy “Le million” was designed by the famous designer Emmanuel Guetta who designed many luxury watches and ornaments. This is one of the top 10 Expansive Mobile. The most luxurious and expensive cell phone “Le Million” Piece Unique” was released in Switzerland and is recognized as the world’s most expensive cell phone sold at the Millionaire Fair in Cannes, France in September 2006, recognized by the Guinness World Records. Called the world’s most expensive phone for $1.3 million, this designer phone is adorned with 18k white gold and 20 carat VVS1 diamonds.

goldfish Le
goldfish Le

6. Diamond Encryption Smartphone $1.3 Million

Based on Windows CE, this smartphone was designed by advanced accessory manufacturer Peter Aloisson. This unique object is priced at $1.3 million and is one of the most expensive phones in the world. Featuring 50 diamond-covered covers, 10 of them are rare blue. In addition, there are several sections made of rose gold, and it is technically the only cell phone that is protected from hacking. The price is about 1.5 billion won!

Diamond Encryption Smartphone
Diamond Encryption Smartphone

7. Gresso Luxor Las Vegas Jackpot $1Million

This phone was made in Switzerland in 2005, but it still has the world’s most expensive cell phone. It weighs 180 grams and is made of pure gold, and the rear panel is made of over 200 years of African rattan. This African wisteria is said to be one of the most expensive in the world. The phone also has a key, and the key is said to be made of sapphire crystal. It is said that the price is about 1.16 billion won.

Gresso Luxor Las Vegas Jackpot
Gresso Luxor Las Vegas Jackpot

8. Vertu Signature Cobra $310,000

The Vertu Signature Cobra ranks eighth among the most expensive mobile phones in the world. The design has a cobra snake-like decoration that stands out. Designed by the French jeweler (Boucher on), the phone features diamonds, rubies, emeralds, and 439 rubies. There are seven more expensive phones than this mobile phone, which costs about 370 million won. Keep going

 Vertu Signature Cobra
Vertu Signature Cobra

9. Black Diamond VIP Smartphone $300,000

The 9th most expensive mobile phone in the world is Sony Ericsson’s Black Diamond. Jaren Goh created this stylish concept for Sony. Featuring cell phone mirroring and polycarbonate mirror technology, this phone has a navigation button and two diamonds on the back of the phone. The price of this phone is about 350 million won.

Black Diamond VIP Smartphone
Black Diamond VIP Smartphone

10. iPhone Princess Plus $176,400

The iPhone Princess Plus doesn’t have a significant functional difference from other Apple iPhones. The design difference is that it was designed by famous designer Peter Aloisson of Austria. It is said that there are 180 diamonds in addition to gold. It is said that the price is about 200 million in Hanwha.

iPhone Princess Plus
iPhone Princess Plus

These are Top 10 Expansive Mobile in the world


world’s most powerful quantum computer

Honeywell builds the world’s most powerful quantum computer

Quantum computers

When it comes to quantum computers, there’s a tendency to think of companies like Google and IBM as big companies in the field, but competition can soon be fierce. Honeywell said one day it will unveil a quantum computer that is at least twice as powerful as the current device in the next three months.

It takes a bit of context to subdivide that claim. As the protocol points out, most companies talk about qubits when talking about the capabilities of computers. For example, Sycamore, a computer that claimed to have achieved a quantum advantage last year, had 53 cubits. Honeywell instead uses metrics called quantum quantities to describe the machine’s function. IBM invented this term and here is how to define it.

Quantum Volume takes into account the number of qubits, connection, and gate and measurement errors circuit compiler All improvements as long as it progresses at a similar speed, Quantum Volume.”

The important thing to understand

The important thing here is that you want to measure the performance of your computer by grasping different parts of the quantum volume as a whole. Raw cubits are important for computation, but the way they interact with each other is also important. For example, the lower the error rate that a qubit produces, the higher the score

Honeywell claimed that the upcoming computer’s quantum volume was over 64. IBM recently announced a 28-qubit computer that built this quantity in 32 quarters. This is thanks to an innovation in 2015 that developed a technique for capturing electrically charged atoms in a superimposed state using a laser.

As exciting as Honeywell’s work, it’s best not to get too excited until the company properly describes the computer. Last year, Google announced that it had achieved quantum superiority, causing conflicting hype and controversy. In particular, IBM said the company was “irresponsible” based on the fact that Google built Sycamore to solve one specific equation.

That said, most other companies are at least optimistic about what Honeywell managed. For example, IBM’s research team said in a protocol, “Honeywell’s paper shows a new advance in programmable trapped ion quantum systems.” The company also gained Microsoft approval by announcing a partnership to allow Azure clients to access Honeywell’s quantum computers.

Quantum Computers

Top secret of quantum computers.” Ilia’s Khan, CEO of Cambridge Quantum Computing (CQC), called Honeywell’s efforts to build the world’s most powerful quantum computer. In a game where most major players are competing for attention, Honeywell has been trying quietly over the past few years (according to strict NDA). However, the company has made a breakthrough in the next three months to launch the world’s most powerful quantum computer.

Honeywell also announced that it has made strategic investments in CQC and Zapata Computing, focusing on the software side of quantum computing. The company also partnered with JP Morgan Chase to develop a quantum algorithm using Honeywell’s quantum computers. The company also recently announced an alliance with Microsoft.

Honeywell has long built complex control systems that power the world’s largest industrial sites. It is thanks to that kind of experience that it is now possible to create an advanced ion trap that is at the heart of the effort.

The company claims in the paper accompanying the announcement that this ion trap could achieve a much longer decoherence time than its competitors.

“It starts with the legacy Honeywell had to work on,” said Tony Utley, president of Honeywell Quantum Solutions. “And we had solutions related to the integration of complex control systems because of our business in the aerospace and defense, oil and gas, and chemical and materials industries, which gave us everything that underlies quantum computing. It’s very different from computing, it needs ultra-fast vacuum system function, it needs cryogenic function, it needs precision control, it needs laser and optical function, it needs magnetism and vibration stability, and we have our own foundry So it was literally possible to design a computer system configuration from a trap.”


Official Language of Countries

Different language are speak in different Countries. Official Language of Countries are


Language is a structured system for communication. This is the method for communication. The scientific knowledge of language is called linguistics.

  • In Pakistan Urdu is official language
  • India official language is Hindi
  • United States & United Kingdom Languages is English
  • Mandarin Chinese is Chinese language
  • Bangladesh language is Bengali
  • Japanese language is for Japan
  • Philippines speak Filipino
  • Singapore language is Malay, Tamil
  • Sri Lanka people speak Sinhala, Tamil
  • Taiwan speak Mandarin Chinese
  • Tajikistan language is Tajik (Tajik)
  • Thailand language is Thai
  • Turkey speak Turkish
  • Turkmenistan language is Turkmen
  • Uzbekistan language is Uzbek
  • Vietnam country language is Vietnamese
  • Nepali spoken language is in Nepal
  • Mongolia language is Khalkha Mongolian
  • Malaysia language is Malay
  • Lao speaks in Laos country
  • Kyrgyzstan language is Kyrgyz Russian
  • Korean South & North official language is Korean
  • Kazakhstan language is Kazak
  • Israel language is Hebrew, Arabic
  • Iran language is Farsi (Persian)
  • Indonesia language is Bahasa Indonesian
  • Georgian language is speaking in Georgia
  • Cyprus speaks Greek, Turkish
  • Cambodia language is Khmer
  • Burma country speak Burmese language
  • Brunei country language is Malay
  • Bhutan country language is Dzongkhag
  • Azerbaijan language is Azerbaijani
  • Armenia language is Armenian
  • Afghanistan language is  Pushto, Dari

Arabic Official language of Countries

Countries that official Language is Arabic are following

  • Saudi Arabia
  • UAE
  • Qatar language
  • Syria language
  • Yemen
  • Oman
  • Lebanon
  • Kuwait
  • Jordan
  • Iraq
  • Bahrain

These Countries official language is Arabic most of these countries are Islamic


Scientific Units used in Physics

Scientific Units that are used Physics are following

Ampere is unit of Electric current

Angstrom is unit of length for the measurement of wavelength

Bar is Unit of atmospheric pressure

Bel is Unit of the intensity of sound

Calorie is a measurement of the quantity of heat

candle power is the illuminating power of a source of light

centigrade is a unit of temperature

centimeter is unit of length

coulomb is a unit of electric charge

decibel is a unit of intensity

diopter is a unit of power of a lens

dyne is a unit of force

electron volt is a unit of energy

erg is a unit of work

Physics Scientific measurement Units

farad is a unit of electric capacity

faraday is unit of Electric charge

gauss is a unit of Magnetic induction

gram is a unit of mass

henry is a unit of induction

horsepower is a unit of power

joule is a practical unit of work

kg is a unit of mass

kilowatt is a unit of electrical power

knot unit of speed

kilowatt per hour is a practical unit of electrical power

lambert is a unit of brightness

light year is a unit of distance for measuring astronomical distance

liter is a unit of volume capacity

lumen is the luminous flux

lux is a unit of intensity of lamination

Maxwell is the magnetic flux

Meter is a unit of distance

Micro-farad is one million of a farad

millimicron is unit of length used in spectroscopy

newton is a unit of work

oersted is a unit of magnetic intensity

ohm is a unit of electrical resistance

poise is unit of viscosity

second is unit of time

volt is a practical unit of electric potential difference

watt is a unit of power

weber is a unit of magnetic pole strength

x.u is unit of length expressing x-ray wavelength

mole is the amount of substance

siemens is electric conductance

hertz is frequency

radian is plane angle

tesla is the magnetic flux density

pascal is pressure

sievert is radiation dose equaling

steradian is the solid angle

becquerel is the activity of a radionuclide

Rutherford is the rate of decay of radioactive material

Torr is a unit of pressure

Mho is unit of conductivity

Roentgen is radiation exposure x ray


International Important Days from June to October

Most of International Important Days in month of May, June, July, August, September & October are


  • June 4th is World Day of Innocent Children Victims of Aggression
  • June 5 is World Environment Day
  • June 7 is International Level Crossing Awareness Day
  • June 8 is World oceans Day
  • June 12 is World Day against Child Labour
  • June 14 is World Blood Donor day
  • June 17 is International Day to Combat Desertification and Drought
  • June 20 is World Refugee Day
  • June 23 is United Nations Public Service Day
  • June 23 is International widow’s day
  • June 26 is International Day against substance abuse and Illicit Trafficking
  • June 27 is International Diabetes Day


  • July 1 is National doctor’s Day
  • July 11 is World Population Day
  • July 12 is Malala Day
  • July 18 is Nelson Mandela International Day
  • July 28 is World Nature Conservation day
  • July 30 is International Day of Friendship


  • August 3 is Independence Day of Niger
  • August 5 is Independence Day of Upper Volta
  • August 9 is word day of the World’s Indigenous People
  • August 12 is International Youth Day
  • August 14 is Independence Day (Pakistan)
  • August 15 is Independence Day (India)
  • August 23 is International Day for the Remembrance of the slave traffic and its Abolition
  • August 29 is National Sports Day (Birthday of Dhyan Chand)


  • September 5 is Teacher’s Day (Radhakrishnan’s Birth Day)
  • September 7 is Forgiveness Day
  • September 8 is International Literacy Day
  • September 14 is Hindi day, World First Aid Day
  • September 16 is World Ozone Day
  • September 21 is International Day of Peace, World Alzheimer’s day
  • September 25 is Social Justice Day
  • September 27 is World Tourism Day


  • October 1 is International Day of Older Persons
  • October 2 is International Day of Non-Violence
  • October 3 is World Nature Day, World Habitat Day
  • October 4 is World Animal Day
  • October 5 is World Teacher’s Day
  • October 8 is Indian Airforce Day
  • October 9 is World Post Day
  • October 11 is International Girl Child Day
  • October 12 is World Arthritis Day
  • October 14 is World Standards Day
  • October 15 is World Students Day
  • October 16 is World Food day
  • October 17 is World Day for the Eradication of Poverty
  • October 20 is World Statistics Day
  • October 24 is United Nations Day
  • October 31 is World Thrift Day

These are International Important Days in month of May, June, July, August, September & October.


International Important Days from January to May

Most of International Important Days in month of January, February, March, April & May are

In January

  • January 1 is Global Family Day
  • January 15 is Army Day
  • January 23 is Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose’s birth anniversary
  • January 26 is Republic Day
  • January 26 is International Customs day
  • January 28 is Birth Anniversary of Lala Lajpat Rai
  • January 28 is Data Protection Day
  • January 30 is World Leprosy Eradication Day

In February

  • February 4 is World Cancer Day
  • February 5 is Kashmir Day
  • February 6 is International Day against Female Genital Mutilation
  • February 12 is Darwin Day
  • February 12 is World Day of the Sick
  • February 14 is Valentine’s Day
  • February 20 is the World Day of Social Justice
  • February 21 is International Mother Language Day
  • February 22 is World Scout Day
  • February 23 is World Peace and Understanding Day

In March

  • March 4 is World Day of the Fight Against Sexual Exploitation
  • March 8 is International Women’s’ Day
  • March 13 is World Kidney Day
  • March 13 is World Rotaract Day
  • March 15 is World Consumer Rights Day
  • March 20 is International Day of the Francophonie
  • March 20 is World Day of Theatre for youngsters and children
  • March 21 is World Sleep Day
  • March 21 is World Forestry Day
  • March 21 is International Day for the Elimination of racism.
  • March 22 is World Water Day
  • March 23 is World Meteorological Day
  • March 24 is World TB Day
  • March 24 is International Day for Achievers
  • March 25 is International Day of Remembrance – Victims of Slavery and Transatlantic Slave Trade
  • March 27 is World Drama Day

In April

  • April 2 is World Autism Awareness Day
  • April 7 is World Health Day
  • April 17 is World Hemophilia Day
  • April 18 is World Heritage Day
  • April 22 is Earth Day
  • April 23 is World Book and Copyright Day
  • April 25 is World Malaria Day
  • April 29 is International Dance Day

In May

  • May 1 is International Labour day
  • May 3 is Press Freedom Day
  • May 4 is Coal Miners day
  • May 8 is World Red Cross day
  • May 9 is Victory Day
  • May 11 is National Technology Day
  • May 12 is International Nurses day
  • May 14 is World Migratory day
  • May 15 is International Day of the Family
  • May 17 is World Information Society Day
  • May 21 is AntiTerrorism Day
  • May 31 is World No Tobacco Day

These are International Important Days in month of January, February, March, April & May