Instagram users can now create 2022 recap reel

Instagram 2022 Overview

Instagram recently introduced its in-app feature that lets users create their 2022 recap reel. This feature will allow users to look back at their memories in a short video. Users can create reels with soundtracks of some famous artists and share them with their followers.

While it can be seen that other applications like Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube, and more have also introduced their ways to create the year-end recap for their users. Instagram has rolled out reel templates for its users that allow them to create their own 2022 recap by choosing pictures and videos.

How to create a 2022 recap reel.

To create your reel, all you have to do is wait until the “Create your 2022 recap reel” banner shows up on your homepage, or go to reels and select any of the recap templates. Once you select your template you can upload your media, and you will have your shareable reel. The reels vary in length depending on what celebrity’s template you click on. Bad Bunny’s is the longest template, which lets you add up to 21 media clips. DJ Khaled’s and Badshah’s templates are the shortest, allowing up to 15 clips, and Ferguson’s is right in the middle, with a max of 17 clips.

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