Tekken 8 Reveal Trailer and All You Need to Know About the New Fighting Game

Tekken 8 the New Fighting Game Overview

Tekken 8 is a 3D fighting game with a complex combat system. It has quickly become one of the most popular fighting game franchises. Its latest installment is expected to launch sometime in the next few months. Since Tekken 7 was a breakout success, Tekken 8 is a much-anticipated sequel. The latter mechanic was introduced in Tekken 7 and is returning in Tekken 8. The gameplay video also shows the use of Rage Moves, which are super arts that enable players to perform attacks in a unique way.  

Tekken Tag Tournament 2

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 features 59 different characters, including classic characters and newcomers. This makes it the largest roster in the series. Not only does the game feature new characters, it also provides an array of new moves and encourages experimentation and creativity.

Character customization

Tekken 8 is a highly anticipated game. This new fighting game has some great new features including character customization. Players will now be able to make their characters look as if they were from a different era. This is a welcome addition for fans of the Tekken series, as it provides a new way to play the game.

Story Mode

The story mode in Tekken 8 isn’t the first game to use a story mode, but it’s a welcome addition. The previous games in the series featured this mode, but it never felt like the main event of the game. It was mainly used to drive merchandising and advertising. But Tekken 8’s story mode is a must-have for Tekken fans.

On Which Platforms, Tekken 8 Is Coming?

As Sony holds a big part in this game, it will obviously come on PlayStation, but only for PlayStation 5. And we might see some bonus campaigns for PS5 players, such as exclusive bundles.


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