Samsung’s Another Ad Campaign Targeting iPhone, But Apple Wins

Samsung’s Ad Targeting iPhone Overview

Competition is not just healthy for any market (it gives consumers more options and spurs innovation) but is also immensely entertaining for the general observer. It would be truly a dull life if our lives were populated by brands that stuck to their own business and did not take time out to have a go at each other.  And that is one of the things that make tech such a colorful world is the fact that it is packed with rivalry.

Google vs Apple, Google vs Microsoft, OnePlus vs Xiaomi, Apple vs Microsoft, Nothing vs Something else…rare indeed is the period of time that passes without some mad ad swipes by one brand at another. Samsung has been the busy one in this regard of late with its recent ads taking down the iPhone, but this is unlikely to be the last time something like this happens

Samsung’s ‘ingenius’ ads on Apple: Ingenious indeed

Samsung and Apple have been arch-tech rivals since the beginning of smartphone times. Both brands have come up with sometimes very clever and interesting and other times quite boring but this ad campaign by Samsung targeting the iPhones definitely fell in the first category. Samsung used simple questions like “where is the SD card slot on the phone” or if, “the phone comes with a fast charger” and used those questions to highlight how the Galaxy S9 was superior to the iPhone. Calling it Ingenious was another dig at Apple because many of its service executives at Apple Stores come with the Genius designation, and all the issues highlighted in the ad series were responded to with solutions that either required investing more money or were no solutions at all, making them appear like anything but geniuses.

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