IPad mini 7: Release date and guide to Apple’s next tiny tablet

IPad mini 7 Overview

The iPad Mini was given a big facelift last year during Apple’s big fall event, and now, it has become one of Apple’s best devices and has become a pretty solid tablet for anyone looking to buy a small tablet at an affordable price with great performance.

Now, that the first half of 2022 was over and we are looking forward to many other events in the near future, we can only wait for this device’s upcoming upgrade and surely look forward to something good. So, here is what we know now about the next generation of Apple’s smallest tablet. Last year was pretty big, with Apple removing the home button, increasing the screen size, adding 5G technology, and even adding support for the Apple pen, and now, we can only wait for something big.

Design and build

With such a dramatic redesign on the sixth-generation iPad mini, it’s unlikely that Apple will implement any noticeable design changes on the next-gen tablet – especially when you consider that, entry-level iPad aside, all iPhones and iPads share the same design language.

Specs and performance

The iPad mini shares the same A15 Bionic, it’s a slower clock speed – 2.9GHz vs 3.2GHz – and that results in a slight decrease in performance when compared side-by-side.The increased clock speed of the new A15 Bionic could offer a boost in performance compared to the existing iPad mini without Apple having to manufacture more of its (presumably more complex) next-gen chipset. That’ll allegedly be accompanied by the same 4GB as the current model.

There is a caveat though; the original post mentions an iPad mini Pro, not the seventh-gen tablet, so the above could apply to an interim Pro-focused iPad mini released sometime between now and the release of the iPad mini 7.


The same Korean forum post also details a key upgrade to the 8.3in display of the iPad mini; 120Hz Promotion support. It’s more noticeable on the iPad mini 6 than most other small LCD displays, however, and while it hasn’t been officially acknowledged by Apple, it’s something that a lot of users have noticed – including this writer. It’s also something that’d be virtually unnoticeable to the naked eye if the refresh rate was cranked up from 60Hz to 120Hz


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