WhatsApp for Windows is beta testing a dedicated tab for call logs

The users of WhatsApp are enjoying the benefits of multi-device support for some time now and now it has been expanded to let the users use a secondary smartphone as well. You can use a linked device to place voice as well as video calls when using WhatsApp on PC the user interface lacked dedicated tab for call logs. But now it is changing as WhatsApp is testing new call log for its Windows app.
It may take some time for the new WhatsApp mobile features to start making their way to linked devices running on Windows or macOS. You can open specific groups or conversations always and can hit the call button but call logs are still only available on your smartphones. Now WhatsApp for Windows is testing fresh addition to the sidebar on the left side of the interface, designed to let you see all your voice and video calls in one place. As the feature is still in beta, your call history may not be sync perfectly with your primary smartphone.

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