WhatsApp is testing a video mode for its camera now a days

WhatsApp is considered as one of the best messaging apps for Android. After being acquired by Meta, WhatsApp has come a long way with loads of handy new features and additions. In the recent past, WhatsApp ahs gained immense popularity and some important usability enhancements including the call links, ability to message yourself and the option to send files of up to 2GB size. Most of the features were spotted the beta channel of the app before they were released to the public. WhatsApp is working on usability improvement that will make the recording as well as sharing videos with your friends easier.
WhatsApp is working on slightly tweaked camera interface for its Android app. At the moment if you open built-in camera interface of messaging app, you get shutter button along with buttons to switch to front camera and jump into gallery. A button to toggle flash is located in top-right corner. In order to take a video, you are required to long press shutter button. This could be cumbersome in various scenarios since you required to continue holding shutter button while talking a video. WhatsApp is looking to change this behavior by adding a video mode to its built-in camera app, which can be accessed with right swipe on the viewfinder.

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