WhatsApp now makes audio and video calling easy for you

WhatsApp is planning to introduce the beta version of its latest update for the Android users which let you make audio as well as video calling easy for the users. This feature was announced earlier by the CEO of Meta, Mark Zuckerberg. However, it was disabled due to unknown reasons for Android as well as iOS users.

The newly introduced feature lets its users to create a call link and it is now finally available to be installed with latest version of WhatsApp. In order to know if the feature is enabled for your account, you need to go to the calls tab to see option to “create call link”. If you see the option, then it means you can start creating shareable link for the calls. You need to select if you want to make audio or video call. These calls can be converted to group call if joined by over two people. In addition to that, the calls are end-to-end encrypted and no one else can neither join them or listen to the contents of the call.

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