WhatsApp message editing is almost ready to launch

Meta developers are pretty much busy all the time working on the new features for WhatsApp. They are working on bringing the multi-device support to Android tablets and blocking the screenshots of view-once media. Now they are also working on message editing on WhatsApp. While it is still in process, we have been informed that how this feature will end up working.

After so much time demanding for the edit option in Twitter, users have now get one but WhatsApp is still working on it. According to the reports, WhatsApp will provide the users up to 15 minutes to edit their messages after initial sharing. Once edited, the message will appear with a label making it crystal clear that it has been modified, just beside the timestamp showing when it was sent. The question remains that how it will sync between different devices, and what happens if the recipient is offline during the edit window, so you may have to wait for further insight.

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