WhatsApp will soon block screenshots of media you’re only meant to view once

Now a days WhatsApp has been focusing on emoji, additional controls for group chat administrators and securing the chats. But just a few days ago, Meta CEP Mark Zuckerberg announced that they could look forward to three new privacy-centric changes coming to WhatsApp. The users are starting to see signs of one of those features that Meta’s CEO mentioned i.e. screenshot blocking for view-once messages. So very soon you will not be able to take screenshots and save the messages that senders intended you to see only once.
WhatsApp could follow in Snapchat’s footsteps and notify the sender when a recipient takes a screenshot of the content. When the feature rolls out, a prompt will introduce the beta testers to this improved version of view once media. It also restates you can not share, copy, forward or save the content. Tough it is a step in the right direction but you need to now there are ways to work around a screenshot blocker as well like you can take pictures of WhatsApp media with another device or can start a screen recorder before opening view once content.

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