WhatsApp group chats are about to expand the group to 1,023 members

WhatsApp group is getting larger and larger day by day/ the group cap is at 256 people which was great for the group of friends as well as classrooms, but it started to get limiting once people wanted to make group chats for larger groups of people. The cap was raised to 512 people just recently. WhatsApp is going to double it again and let you make group chats with more than thousand members.
WhatsApp is now introducing the ability to make groups with up to 1,024 people to a cadre of the beta testers. This feature is rolling out to both Android and iOS devices. If you have the new beta version, you will see increased member cap when you are about to create group chat. A group with more than thousand people will not work differently from how group chats currently work. You will have more people reading and replying your messages. Adding more than thousand people to WhatsApp group chat may look a bit odd especially as this comes only after few months after it doubled the number from 256 to 512 people. But competitor Telegram already lets the users to add up to 200,000 people to join same group chat. If you need to create large group chat, you are required to make sure that you are enrolled in WhatsApp beta.

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