Google is testing an easier-to-use call interface for the Phone app these days

Now a days a smartphone is offering almost everything and with this, it is very easy to overlook the basic voice calls and Google’s Phone app rarely see the limelight. Google is updating the Phone aap consistently and it is not often that we hear about picking up major new features or undergoing the visual changes. That is because it works pretty fine already and does not need much of the maintenance. But at the moment we are seeing one change that catches our eyes, as the recent beta build of the app tweaks user interface for when you are on a call.

The Phone app has placed in-call action buttons in two rows of three. These control lets you access the keypad, add participants to the call, mute yourself, pace the call on hold, record the interactions and many more. Sometimes, you may have to swipe through two pages in horizontal direction in order to see all the available options. With the latest version of the Phone app public beta, Google’s in-call screen features one row of four buttons, including an overflow that reveals additional in-call options a row above when ever tapped. The new layout has placed the buttons closer together that older UI and arranges then against a card-like backdrop that contrasts against rest of the screen. On the taller phones, the buttons are huddled closer to the bottom, making them very simple to reach with either thumb. Additional call options in the upper row are right-aligned, making the app easier for one-handed use.

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