Proton Drive plans to be your Google Drive alternative with privacy built-in

Google Drive is the de facto app for the Android users for cloud storage. After Google locking out the people from their accounts and the company making most of its money based on personalized ads, you would think of switching to another service which is more privacy-minding. Now people are looking towards an open-source alternative Proton Drive which is the latest service launched by privacy company Proton which is famous for Proton VPN and Proton Mail.
Proton Drive was in the arena in beta since 2020 and it has amassed half a million testers in this timeframe, with upload volume going up ten times in last quarter. This service is part of Proton’s suit of apps, which include Proton Mail, Proton Calendar and Proton VPN. Apart from launching the Proton Drive web app in stable, the company is bringing native app to Android in beta. Proton does not offer any of the built-in tools for Office documents or images, so you will find yourself uploading as well as downloading files repeatedly. Proton Drive and other services of Proton are available for free in basic version with 1GB of total storage across Calendar and Mail.

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