Viewers on YouTube were hit with up to 11 consecutive commercials in a row

YouTube is the most famous video-streaming platform where a community of creators make up majority of the content. YouTube pays creators for the views on their videos because every free-tier viewer sees ads, which earn YouTube money. Viewers like you and me could purchase Premium membership to get rid of the ads and now it might be a good time to do it.
After the complaints from viewers all around the world, YouTube is ending the experiment that saw up to 11 unskippable ads played before you selected video begins. Ads on YouTube have been short and the ones which are longer are skippable after five seconds and limited in number. YouTube has also got mid-video ads for longer content if creators give permission. Some of the breaks last few seconds only but various other skippable ads can go on for minutes. Since year 2022 has begun, YouTube has been showing increasing number of ads before videos even begin.

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