Google finally allows you to block your least favorite YouTubers from the Discover feed

The Discover feed of Google is a big part of how most of us keep up with different things, almost spending few minutes scrolling through each day. There are loads of content with not just the articles that match your interests but also YouTube video in the mix. But if Google has been getting a bit broad with its curation and you have seen seeing videos from specific YouTube channels with few taps.
Blocking the articles that you don’t like from your feed is very easy and all you have to do is to just tap the overflow menu beside card title and select most appropriate option expressing your disinterest, be it with publication, specific article or the topic. However, you have only had one option if you disliked a YouTube video recommendation in your Discover feed. Google has updated its Search app, so you have a new option for blocking specific YouTube creator’s videos from messing up the Discover feed. Other options for expressing your disinterest in YouTube video on Discover include hiding content about that topic or hiding a video.

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