Instagram will soon allow you to repost without third-party apps

Repost feature was always there in Instagram but till this date there was no official way of reposting something. Earlier you can take a screenshot of someone else’s post, crop it and then post it on your timeline or you need to use a 3rd party application for reposting. But now Instagram is going to change it and come up with its own official repost feature.
Instagram has confirmed that the reposting feature will be tested very soon. A Meta spokesperson said that they are exploring the ability to reshare posts in Feed which is similar to how you can reshare in Stories so that people can share what they like plus original creators also get credit for their work. Initially it will be tested with small number of people. With the official repost feature the need for the third party apps will be eliminated. The third party apps have been there for many years and they are full of ads. TikTok has recently come up with a repost feature that lets you re-share the videos with your followers but they don’t show up in your profile. Instagram is also likely to come up with similar sort of feature.

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