Twitter has introduced Circles similar to Instagram’s Close Friends

After the launch of Instagram’s Close Friends feature in 2018 which was an instant hit, many other platforms got used to this idea of uploading the content that is visible only to a selected group of people. Twitter has also introduced similar feature recently known as Circle. After testing, Circles are opened up to everyone.

Twitter has announced access to Circles is now opened to all the users on the platforms. Circles are almost similar to Instagram’s Close Friends stories but instead of working with the stories, Circles lets you to post private tweets that only select few users can read. You can post almost anything that you want from the text threads to photos as well as videos. A lot of us have friends and family among out followers and if you need to post something aimed specifically at them this is an ideal way to do that. For posting a tweet in your Circle you just need to fire up new tweet panel and tap on “Choose audience” drop-down menu above the text field. You can also add 150 people to your Circle, a bigger audience than what Instagram provides you.

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