WhatsApp Communities are finally rolling out to beta users

Mark Zuckerberg officially announced WhatsApp Communities in April 2022, allowing its users to create sub-groups within groups. He called it a major evolution of WhatsApp and told that it has entered testing phase. Since Communities would be a significant addition to messaging, the company planned to roll out slowly. Now it has been few months since the announcement but Communities has not made it to the users. That is now changing as select WhatsApp beta users have gained access to the feature.
It has been reported that Communities tab is showing up for creation users who updated to WhatsApp beta for Android v2.22.19.3. You can force close and then relaunch the app in order to see if that enables Communities for your account if you are already running latest beta. If you are one of the lucky ones who have access to this feature you will see Communities tab instead of Camera tab on the main WhatsApp screen. You can go to the tab and start by creating a Community where you can add up to 10 groups with support for up to 512 participants. A community member will decide which sub-group he/she needs to join based on the interest. They can exit the sub-group whenever they want without leaving community itself.

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