WhatsApp now allows you undelete messages

It happens some times that you send a WhatsApp message to an unintended recipient or an unintended message is sent to intended recipient. You can delete the sent messages and not having see them ever again as long as you realize it on time. But what if you have delete a wrong message which was not meant to be deleted or to the worst scenario delete it for yourself instead of for all the recipients in group chat? WhatsApp is testing a way to undelete the message after deletion.
Two months ago WhatsApp was testing on the option to undo accidental message deletion. The feature is now rolling out to many beta testers on Android with version of the app but some of the users could find the option to undelete older versions as well. Once you have deleted the message for yourself, a floating snackbar notification appears at the bottom confirming you for the deletion. It has also got undo button to help recover deleted message. It should be noted that snackbar is visible only for few seconds and that is all the time you need to change your mind and rescue message from the ether. Many of the apps have similar interface flow for undoing the task and Gmail is one of them.

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