Google Photos has renamed its Archive

It is very easy to get overwhelmed with as many pictures as we snap on your smartphone cameras. Pixel users can hide the images from their photo gallery’s primary view by using the Archive option. That is the way things have worked but, in an effort, to make its app a bit more modern sounding, Google is in the process of renaming Archive to Hidden.
Archive option is used on email account to save the messages for reference later immediately hiding selected threads from our inbox. The Archive setting works similarly on Google Photos you can select various different photos at the time and press the Archive option for hiding them from primary gallery view. These images can still be found in albums and search results. Archive option is now being renamed as Hidden by Google, so when you open a photo and swipe up on it, you will see Hide option replace the Move to Archive button. We can also notice the same shift taking place in Library tab. The change will come to Photos app on Android.

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