YouTube finally allows you zoom into videos

There are some instances where you are required to have a closer look at the video. There are some apps which allow you to zoom into the video like Telegram. YouTube, the number 1 video sharing website was lacking on zooming into video. But the wait is over now as YouTube has added new function on the experimental features page. Some of the Premium users of YouTube are now able to pinch and zoom into a video for better look.
This feature is only available on YouTube app for Android and it is still unclear whether it will stay limited to Premium users. It can be found in Premium benefits menu within profile settings. The pinch-to-zoom feature will be up for demo until 1st September. After that, chances are that it will roll out officially or a launch date will be announced if there are any issues with functionality. Apart from this, YouTube is also making it easy for the content creators to make money on the platform. The app will allow you to use copyrighted content in your videos so that you can avoid any copyright claims and continue to generate revenue from your videos.

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