WhatsApp is working on a new feature to catalog everyone who left your group chats

WhatsApp has been developing many new features and now a days they are focusing on group chats. The have recently increased member limit in group chats from 100 to 512 and have announced Communities which is a new way to message like-minded people. With the large groups, administrators as well as members would like to keep a tab on members who recently left the conversation.
WhatsApp new beta version on iPhone lets group members and admins to see who quit the group or was removed from it in last two months. Under the list of current participants in Group info tab, a new option known as ‘See Post Participants’ is now visible. The list of removed members also gets dedicated search bar which could be useful for large threads where there is usually constant exodus of members and an influx of new ones. There are some small businesses which use WhatsApp groups for internal communication or interacting with clients might appreciate this feature. The present system of notifying the chat when a member leaves or gets booted is being removed.

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