WhatsApp group admin will soon be able to delete any member’s messages

WhatsApp did not pioneer group chats but it was very instrumental in making them a very important part of our lives. WhatsApp now owned by Meta has been around for more than a decade now. Group chat has been a feature of WhatsApp since 2011. However the group administrators don’t have control over chat itself. Now WhatsApp is giving more powers to the group admin as they can delete messages sent by other members.
At the moment, WhatsApp group administrator can only boot the members and control who joins and who can send the messages. Tools for moderating activity in chat are extremely limited and it is not possible to delete the messages at the moment. The upcoming builds of messages app could allow the group admins delete the messages sent by participants by long-tapping them and selecting the ‘delete for everyone’ option. The chat will retain placeholder for deleted message mentioning name of the administrator who deleted it.

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