The new look of Google for Gmail is now arriving in your inbox

Earlier this year, Google previewed new layout for Gmail with deeper Chat, Spaces and Meet integration. Initially, the big G made redesign available on an opt-in basis i.e. you need to switch to integrated view manually. After this in late June a new Gmail look with Material You coating was released. The new layout has got a sidebar located on the left side that allows you to jump between your inbox, Chat, Meet, Spaces and conversation bubbles for ongoing chats.
If you don’t need other services you can head over to Quick Settings menu to toggle the apps displayed on sidebar. You can only use Gmail and disable other services in which you are not interested in. Apart from visual refresh, Google is making Gmail search more powerful. With search chips, you can narrow search results which will help you instantly find mail that you are looking for. Google has announced that Gmail’s search is improved with ‘contextual contact suggestions with intent matching for names as well as email addresses.

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