Google Photos now shows backup quality and file size for your images

Google Photos is one of the most famous services for the backup of the gallery among the Android users. Now it has recently received a steady stream of updates and enhancements. It has brought the features like Real Tone filters, chip shortcuts and home screen shortcut for your screenshots. The latest development to Photos adds new element to the information section for the images thus making it very easy to tell each file’s backed up resolution as well as size.
When you are accessing your Photos backup by using a web browser, select an image and click on ‘I’ button. You will see EXIF data for upload, including filename, day and date of capturing. Location, camera used and settings. It mentions the backup quality either the Storage saver or Original quality and whether file is taking up space in your account storage. Google in the past allowed Pixel users unlimited high quality image backups but that was changed in January 2022. If you are running out of the cloud storage on your Google account you can use ‘Manage storage’ option in Google Photos for removing blurry photos, large videos and unnecessary screenshots.

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