WhatsApp is working to allow you to add a voice message to your status

Story posting concept for 24 hours was first introduced by Snapchat which was later copied by Instagram, and then all the other apps which you can think of. Meta, added the stories to not just to Instagram and Facebook but also to WhatsApp where you can find it in the Status tab. At the moment you can post photos, GIFs, videos and text messages to your status but soon you will get access to voice messages.
WhatsApp is working on an option to allow its users to record and upload voice messages to their WhatsApp status. Once the feature will be live, the app will allow you to record voice message just like you do in a chat. You will also be able to upload any existing audio file. Voice recordings in status updates would be shared with your WhatsApp contacts by using same privacy settings you use for the photos and videos.

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