Gboard’s foldable-friendly split keyboard layout is now available in beta

Foldable phones have once again pushed themselves into the mainstream. While they are still expensive than the smartphones with a non-foldable display. Even Google has started to come with foldables and larger screen in general with Android 12L. Google’s own rumored foldable won’t be a thing for some time, the company is not waiting around to show interest in these phones which is visible with Gboard’s new split layout which is currently rolling out for beta users.
The new layout of Gboard is starting to make its way to the beta testers. If you are enrolled and you take the latest update, you should get access to new split layout that divides keyboard in two, letting the users with wider screens to reach all keys easily. The ‘G’ and ‘V’ keys which are located on the center of the keyboard in regular layout are duplicated, so you have got your choice of hitting them on either side, Gboard will know which screen you are using if you are swapping between cover and main displays.

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