Action Launcher v50 brings more staggering features to all free users

Action Launcher developer Chris Lacy is celebrating the release of its 50th version with some very impressive feature additions and the main shift in the app’s business model that will provide more premium features to each user especially for the ones who nominally can not pay for them.
Wit the 50th version of Action Launcher more of Action Launcher Plus features will be available to every user. Though how many will be dependent on market based on two factors whether in-app purchases are available and if Action Search is able to generate affiliate revenue from Bing. In this model, half of the features are free in most commercial markets including US and Canada. In the regions where in-app purchases are blocked Mexico and India, for example all the Plus features will be made available if the users enable Action Search. If you have not had a reason to try or even come back to Action Launcher in a while v50 might be it. This application can be launched from Play Store.

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