YouTube Music has got a better way to browse ‘Mixed for you’ playlists

YouTube Music suggests better songs as well as playlists to its users than Spotify and Apple Music but it is getting better on Google owned music service. The streaming platform is only one of the few in the arena that allows you to pick music based on your mood like Focus, Workout, Energy and Chill etc right from the home screen. But you still have to select one of the moods in order to get the appropriate playlist recommendations.

The Mixed for you carousel on YouTube Music’s home feed now features ‘More’ button in top-right corner that takes you to whole new page where you can see mixes for all the moods under single umbrella in a very clean grid view which is lot easier to scroll through than before. In the past, you can only view mixes for the mood that you have selected so the new change works in a better way for discovering the playlists. The updated carousel has come out for Android, iOS and web apps.

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