YouTube Music adds shuffle controls to its new recommendations

In Android 11 we have seen a centralized hub for media control that is inside notification dropdown and now recently we have seen a smarter use of that place with the addition of playlist recommendations that you can tap on a whim you can get listening without opening the app. It now looks like YouTube Music is working for expanding on these outside-the-top controls.
The new music suggestions panel of YouTube Music now shows some extra options. The first one is shuffle button and you might require to squint a bit to see it right now because of an apparent visual bug. There is another playlist shortcut but instead of being recommendation, it lets you to access to your offline mixtape easily. You can access the options from your notification shade or even your lock screen without requiring to open full YouTube Music app saving you some taps. Both these options sit in the same place as the recommendation shelf currently does. If you have not seen the recommendation shelf on your phone yet then the chances are you will see it with these two options as well whenever it will come out to your device.

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