YouTube Music is looking to add recommendations to your phone’s lock screen

YouTube Music may have not been received well after the poor transition of Google Play Music but it is now shaping up to be competitive entry to music streaming market that you can get most out of. The service is adding new features, more music, revised designs and now YouTube Music has been spotted working on automated recommendations more front-and-center than before with some more music suggestions appearing in the media player area in the notification shade and also on the lock screen.
Music recommendations are starting to surface for the people on Android 12. They only show up when connecting with audio devices with Bluetooth or USB-C port, suggesting some playlists for you to dive into. The card makes it pretty much clear that the content is coming from YouTube Music with a YT Music label and the logo of the app appearing in the left and three suggestions visible on the right-hand side. YouTube Music has also started rolling out its personalized “Recommended radios” more widely. The playlist started rolling out in February for some and just now it has made its way in more phones.

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