The auto-echo removal feature of Google Meet is getting better

While there are many workers who have been forced back into the office buildings but there are still some people are are working from home. Google Meet might not be essential tool as it was more than two years ago but the development of the features designed to make the meetings more enjoyable is not slowing down. For some Workspace customers, auto-echo removal is going to be a lot better.
Now Google Meet is going to be equipped with de-reverberation and it has been designed to automatically remove the noise picked up by your microphone from sound bouncing around your environment. If you are not present in the room that is filled with pads of acoustic foam than you sound will echo around the space. With the latest update, Google Meet will do its best to remove the frustrating sounds. It is a simple update but it could prove very handy. If you are recording a podcast remotely and you have a guest calling in to join the show, Google Meet’s de-reverb effect could bring their audio quality up to par with other participants.

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