Canceled Smartwatch of Facebook appears on Internet

Facebook has cancelled many of its upcoming projects and one of them is the discontinued smartwatch. It is still not clear that why this particular smartwatch was canceled but now some new details have emerged that has hinted what would have been the reason.
The smartwatch under discussion was codenamed Meta Milan and it was in the development stages for two years. This watch was expected to launch in 2023 but Meta announced that they are cancelling its development earlier this year. Now an alleged prototype of the Meta smartwatch has surfaced on the internet that shows its design and some of the specifications.
The prototype watch ahs got a removable dial that can sit on charging dock separately. It has got two buttons on the case as well as two cameras on the watch which are very rare in smartwatches. It has got a 5MP camera on the front and a 12MP sensor on the back. You can remove the dial in order to take pictures. The discontinued smartwatch was rumored to bring several features which include built-in support for WhatsApp, Instagram Stories, GPS, Spotify One, cellular and Wi-Fi connection and many more.

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