Google Contacts cards are now getting new colors

Google has spent most of the last year redesigning its lineup of Android apps ahead of the debut of Material You. Android 13 may not support all the new design language but that does not mean that the company is allowing its apps languish with last year’s look. Google Contacts was one of the first apps to get Material You-style design.
With the latest update to Google Contacts, this new user interface change applies directly to every person stored with your account. The new look removes old school lines separating the categories of information, now dividing everything up with various different cards matching your Material You theme. It just a small change but it is noticeable once you stumble on it. Most of the category names which include Labels and About, have carried over from previous designs. Phone numbers as well as email addresses now appear in a category of their own: Contact info. it has not change anything about how the apps will work though it looks a bit more unified with the rest of the layout. Contacts have been positioned in center below icons or profile pictures.

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