Dark Sky API gets reborn as Apple WeatherKit which will come with Android support

Dark Sky a very famous weather app was acquired by Apple with the consequence that its Android version will not function anymore. While the iOS version still lives on, it is also due to be sunsetted by the end of 2022. At WWDC 2022 we are finally getting to learn that what else Apple has been up to with Dark Sky’s resources all the time. And the good news is that the forecast looks like it has now included Android support once again i.e.WeatherKit.
WeatherKit is not an app itself, it is an API that can replace Dark Sky API Apple has deprecated and it is planning to kill off completely by next year. WeatherKit is not just only for iOS apps and it can also be used by web as well as Android apps. Apple won’t be launching Weather app for Android itself, a developer can use WeatherKit API to add Apple-sourced weather information to their Android apps. It allows you to have everything you want about the Dark Sky on your Android phone once again. WeatherKit needs iOS 16 so we can expect to see more after Apple’s betas gets started.

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