WhatsApp will introduce an undo option for deleted chats soon

WhatsApp lets its users to delete the messages safely both which are both present in their chats and the ones sent to others. You can just imagine the horror feeling that would descend if you send something inappropriate to a group accidentally only to press the “delete for me option instead of delete for everyone. this might become a concern of past as WhatsApp has plans to introduce deleted message retrieval tool.
It is considered as a very handy feature where when a user taps on “delete for me” option, WhatsApp displays a pop-up at the bottom of the screen asking if one wishes to undo it. Like other messaging services like Telegram, users will have some time to recover the chat which they can keep or instead “delete for everyone”. It is not just only feature which WhatsApp is working on it. The company is looking to increase file sharing limit to 2GB, from previous 100MB limit. WhatsApp has also made giant leaps in recent times as they are working on introducing features like editing sent chats and the option to save disappearing conversations.

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