Twitter’s feature similar to Instagram’s Close Friends is now rolling out widely

Sometimes we have many thoughts which you want to put out somewhere but you dont want each and everyone reading. This is where Close Friends feature of Instagram comes in handy which was launched in 2018. If you need to upload a story but you need a small group of closer friends to see it, it lets you to do exactly that. They are similar to normal stories, except highlighted in green. Twitter has been working on almost similar feature but for your tweets known as Circle. After the initial test that feature seems to have initiated to roll out widely to the users. When you log into Twitter, whether from a browser or from your smartphone, some users have begun seeing a pop-up to tweet to your Circle. By entering the “Compose tweet” panel and tapping on audience button above will show you a new “Twitter Circle” option. You can add or remove people from your Circle by tapping “Edit” button. People will not be notified if they are added or removed from someone’s Circle. Like Instagram, this allows you fine-tune the audience of certain posts so you can tweet more personal stuff to your closer friends to see.

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