Google Assistant is all set to keep your accounts safe with Password Checkup on Android

Password management may sounds like a very hectic job bit it is very vital for making sure that you are keeping your online accounts safe and secure. For speeding things up Google has built password tracking into Chrome, automatically alerting the users when one of their password has been breached. Google brought this feature to Android through Assistant few weeks ago.
Password Checkup for Android is now listed among Google’s updates to System Services for May. According to patch notes you will require to run Play Services v22.18 which was released on May 23 to access this tool. Google has described it as a way for the users to check their saved credentials for security vulnerabilities and it provides list of actions to enhance online hygiene.
If you have visited a detected breached password, Assistant will prompt you to auto-change your credentials to something which is more secure. It is a very useful tool when it works.

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