With its first chipset millimeter wave 5G support MediaTek wants more American phones

The global chip shortage has brought upheaval to the mobile sector and it continues to rage on and let MediaTek to claim the golden opportunity. IDC has reported that systems-on-chips present in more than 50% share of the Android market in 2021 while the manufacturer has said that is a repeat performance from 2020. With the rumors that Samsung might turn to outside help for prominent smartphone release. Mid-2022 is proving to be exciting time for Taiwanese firm.
It is the first chipset in the firm’s portfolio for supporting millimeter wave 5G spectrum in n257, n258, n260 and n261 bands. Executives have said that their own end-to-end modem solution compares well to Qualcomm’s equivalent offering on peak transmission and even better on the typical transmission as well as power consumption. MediaTek is also coming up with WiFi 7 compliance with its Filogoc 380 solution for embedded devices and Filongic 880 for dedicated network products.

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