The YouTube app has got more shortcuts to jump from a music video to YouTube Music

YouTube Music and main YouTube app experience are knit together closely. You can play your YouTube based playlists on Music app and whatever you like on an app will affect your recommendations. YouTube Music fulfills most of the listening requirements and it also comes with a feature to watch the music videos right from it without logging onto full app. Normally we watch the music videos on full YT app but if you want to switch quickly over YouTube Music when watching music video. Google has added more shortcuts for you to do exactly the the same.
When you are watching the music video on YouTube if the song is available in YouTube Music audio only-format, you will get a prompt to instantly jump to the app. The shortcut is located inside the player’s view to the left of autoplay toggle and will be noticeable since its full YouTube Music icon. When you will tap it it will begin playing the song which you are listening to inside YouTube Music app. There is a similar toggle in the video’s Settings overflow screen located right below ‘Watch in VR’ option.

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